WC Training

This weekend Kai and I took part at the national slovenia race in Maribor, on the World cup track. It was a great weekend, the weather was just brilliant. I guess the track will be hard in rain… So fingers crossed for the world cup. I like the track fast, tricky corners, wide open parts, and few jumps. Okay the jumping part isn’t my favourit but at the end I did it. I ended up 3rd and the austrian chicks were leading… First Petra Bernhard, Second Anita Molcik and Me. So we all were pretty happy.


Of course I have to mention that I couldn’t avoid to get bruises. I crashed in my training run on saturday in the stone section… Not good choice. No I have completly blue thighs and hmm I can’t even walk very well. But riding is good. I was for a ride yesterday and I had no pain.

At the moment I am sitting in the Press Center in Friedrichhafen. The time seems to be running. The world cup season is nearly finished and I have already had to think about sponsors. What I am gonna do next year. I think or I hope that I can keep most of my sponsors. Generali (an insurance company) has said already yes for the next year. I am so stocked about that because it is my most important sponsor.


So yeah I will see what this weekend brings. Today we were at the Demo day, where you could test bikes. But there were nearly just cross country and freeride bikes to test and I would have liked to ride some downhill bikes.

see you LENE