I have been in this MTB / Sports Industry for so long that I have already a lot of bike stuff in my garage and closet.  T-shirts, shorts, sunnies…..more than I will ever be able to wear in my life.  So time to time I just gave them to young MTB girls.

I am very picky about my products the brand and the people behind them. When I really can identify myself with it and the philosophy of the company I cooperate with them (of course if they want me to 🙂

Thanks to…

Denise from Iriedaily, who always cares about my casual style

Martin from Suspension Clinics, who cares about  my suspension

Alex from Natural Power, who cares about my Protein balance. 

Franz from Dr. Antonio Martins- Coco Juice, who cares that I drink the good and healthy stuff, which makes me fast

Mike from Maxxis, cares about my grip on the track.

Sigi from CARBOCAGE , who cares about my chain to stay in place.

Björn from Go Pro, who cares about my video documentation

Berni from SP-Gadgets, who cares that my GoPro video can be shown at different angles and that my selfies got perfect.

Alexandra from Verival – Cereals , who cares about my power on the track

T.C. from HT – Components, who cares about my „click“

Andrea from Epic Wear , cares about my girly look.

Valentin from Acros , cares about steering.

Peppi Tire Noodles, who cares that my rims are protected and that I can finish my race run.