I have been in this MTB / Sports Industry for so long that I have already a lot of bike stuff in my garage and closet.  T-shirts, shorts, sunnies…..more than I will ever be able to wear in my life.  So time to time I just gave them to young MTB girls.

I am very picky about my products the brand and the people behind them. When I really can identify myself with it and the philosophy of the company I cooperate with them (of course if they want me to 🙂

Thanks to…

Denise from Iriedaily, who always cares about my casual style
Franz from Dr. Antonio Martins- Coco Juice, who cares that I drink the good and healthy stuff, which makes me fast
Mike from Maxxis, cares about my grip on the track.
Sigi from CARBOCAGE , who cares about my chain to stay in place.
Björn from Go Pro, who cares about my video documentation
Berni from SP-Gadgets, who cares that my GoPro video can be shown at different angles and that my selfies got perfect.
Alexandra from Verival – Cereals , who cares about my power on the track
T.C. from HT – Components, who cares about my „click“
Andrea from Epic Wear , cares about my girly look.
Axel from Acros , cares about steering.
Peppi Tire Noodles, who cares that my rims are protected and that I can finish my race run.