Actually, it all started on the 21st Dec. 1995 when I got my little puppy Apollo, a lovely Flat Coated Retriever. I always liked it to be outside but he was the main reason why I nearly lived outside….We were always in nature, hiked around, explored many places, and also the MTB dual course near my house. I always saw some guys jumping and racing down the dual course and I spied on their fancy MTB bikes. I didn’t have an MTB bike, but from that moment I wanted one badly. So I wished for a hardtail bike for 2 times Birthdays, one time Christmas, and all the other occasions during the year. It was a dark purple Cannondale CAAD 3 hardtail MTB (I still have it). And then the day came when I was ready to ride on the track. I will never forget that moment. It feels like yesterday. I took the run-up to the first section and before it went down I braked, I tried another time but I braked again, and another time followed by many other tries. Finally, I pushed my bike down and was so angry with myself. I could not take this personal hammering. On the one side, I was so scared but on the other side, I wanted it so bad. So I blended out my fear did not touch the brakes, took the risk of crashing, and dropped in. And guess what? This was the crucial moment at the beginning of my mountain bike career.

It is now 20 years ago and in the meantime, I rode this section over 1000 times and I don’t even think about it anymore, but the feeling to try something new and blend out your fear is basically the same just on another level. The jumps got bigger, the road gaps longer, the drops higher, the roots more of camber, the rocks sharper, the step-ups higher, and I have three other competitors next to me in the gate or race against the time.


living: Niederösterreich
height: 171 cm
weight: 60 kg
eye color: blue
hair: dark blond

education: sports management and sports science at the Vienna University
job: MTB coach/owner at Vienna bike academy, NIVA! No DIVA founder and Race coach / Brand Ambassador

riding for: Iriedaily, Dr. Martins Coco Juice, Maxxis, Spy Optics , Carbocage, Go Pro, Sp-Gadgets, Verival , HT Components, Verival Bio, Epic Wear, Ergon Bike, Sp Connect, Peppis Tire Noodles



  • having fun doing Videos and magazine Projects
  • good results at DH national champs and other DOwhill races
  • few international races like the DH IXS Cup / Crankworx
  • MTB courses and teaching lessons ( Bike Academy)
When did you start to race? And what was your first race?

My first race was in 1998. It was a sprint race at my home track which I won by over 10 seconds. But because the elite women didn’t want to get beaten by a 15th old girl they pushed me into the children’s class. So no mention and no price for my victory, but I did not care I won and I knew it and I knew I wanted to compete for more. 

Can you remember the number of your first numberplate?

Yes, it was 21, and still my favorite number.

What are your favorite tracks and places?

Track: Dirt Merchant at Whistler /Canada. Places: Whistler/ Canada, Queenstown /New Zealand, Sintra / Portugal. But I haven’t seen it all yet so the list will be continued. 

What do you like, apart riding bikes?

I like to dance, walk with my dog, eat Indian food, sing, take pictures, see my friends, be creative, and make things by hand and my mind. I like fashion and jewelry, pretty hair – Girls‘ STUFF but I also like tools and metal. I like graphic design and music. I like my job. I like to win. 

What do you love?

my boyfriend, my family, and my dog. I love my home and of course biking.

What do you hate/don't like?

unfairness, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, fast small cars, cities, scary big waves, snakes, the butterfly needle (med.) seriously I hate this butterfly under my skin…a nightmare for me.

What do you like more 4x or downhill?

I like both very much but I like DH more. I started with Downhill, then started 4X, and did both now 2018 I stopped racing 4X because I have achieved everything that I wanted in my career. 

What is your weakness and what is your strength. 

I guess my weakness is that I think very often I can do it better and I can’t give work to other hands easily (smart ass) and my perfection. In riding my weaknesses are wooden slippery north shores and bottom bracket high deep ruts. My strength is definitely to be focused on things I want to reach. I know what I want and I don’t want and I am ready to „fight“ for it. In riding my strength is turning. 

What do you love most of riding your bike ?

It’s a mix of many things. First, the feeling when you ride and jump over roots and rocks, tables, and gaps. Then this sport brings you to places which you would have never seen without your two wheels. Third, you meet people with the same passion and I think the competitive sport is the best school for life. It was never easy. I was young, had no money, had no DH bike, no mechanic, no team, didn’t have a driving license and my parents didn’t like it at all. So not the best start for a professional mountain bike career but I guess because of my determination, stubbornness, passion, a spark of luck, and many helpers I am now who I am and where I am. Just Happy and still able to live my dream.

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