I am a 100% racer. It didn’t take me long until I started to race because all the good tracks were just rideable and open during the race. So I started to race. I loved it straight away, but  I was also very nervous every time. I remember the first two years I nearly crashed in every final run. I was just too nervous, rode much faster too, and overcooked it very often. But I got wiser and more focused so I didn’t crash so often anymore and I found myself so many times on the first step.

When I look back on my racing career I am very proud of my 13th place at the DH World Champs, my 2 times overall Pro Tour title, many Pro Tour wins, my second place at Crankworx in Dual, and of course my Bronze medal at the World Champs. 

My biggest goal was always to win the World Champions or at least get a World Champs medal. And after nearly 20 years of racing, I achieved my goal in August 2017 in Val di Sole. So far I can finish my chapter as a 4X racer. Maybe you see me somewhere turning up at the 4X race but I won’t complete the whole series again.  I will go back to my roots and race more DH again. I love DH very much and also ride my big bike.

Race Season 2024

event date place discipline result
Slovakia Cup 5.04.2024 Kosutka Downhill 3rd
CZE Downhill cup 11.04.2024 Kouty na Downhill 1st
Kalnica Bikefestival 2.06.2024 Kalnica Downhill 1st
Kalnica Bikefestival 31.05.2024 Kalnica Dual Slalom 2nd
Kalnica Bikefestival 31.05.2024 Kalnica Pumptrack 5th
Kalnica Bikefestival 1.06.2024 Kalnica Night Slalom 2nd
Crankworx 16.06.2024 Innsbruck Dual Slalom sick
Crankworx 15.06.2024 Innsbruck Pumptrack 9
Austrian National Champs 23.06.2024 Schöckl Downhill 2nd

Race Season 2023

event date place discipline result
IXS Eurpean Cup Semmering Downhill 13th
European Champs Les Menuires Downhill 15th
French Cup Chatel Downhill 17th
Crankworx Innsbruck Pumptrack 11th
Crankworx Innsbruck Dual Slalom 18th
Crankworx Innsbruck Downhill 17th
Slovakia cup Kosutka Downhill 2nd
Slovenia Cup Ljublijana Downhill 1st
Speed and Style Miesenbach Whip off 3rd
Speed and Style Miesenbach Speed and Style 1st

Race Season 2022

event date place discipline result
 Copa Catalana  4 Riders Bike Park ESP Downhill 6th
4x Pro Tour Fort Williams 4x 2nd
IXS European Cup Semmering AUT Downhill 9th
National Champs Semmering AUT Downhill 5th
Crankworx Innsbruck AUT Downhill 20th
Crankworx Innsbruck AUT Pumptrack 22th
IXS Rookies cup Saalbach Hinterglemm AUT Downhill 2nd
National Champs Hungary Downhill 1st
National Champs Czech Republic Downhill 2nd

Race Season 2021

event date place discipline result
 E- EWS World Series 09.09.2021  Crans Montana E- Enduro 5th

Race Season 2020

event date place discipline result
Schneefräsen Snow Downhill 11.01.2020 Lienz Snow Downhill 1 st
Königsberg AGS 22.08.2020 Hollenstein Downhill 3rd
Crankworx Innsbruck 4.09.2020 Innsbruck Downhill 12th
Crankworx Innsbruck 2.09.2020 Innsbruck Pumptrack 5th
National Champs DH 4.09.2020 Innsbruck Downhill 3rd

Race Season 2019

event date place discipline result
Austria Gravity S. 18.05.2019 Königsberg (AUT) DH 1st
National Champs 25.05.2019 Windischgarsten (AUT) DH 3rd
Crankworx 14.06.2019 Mutters (AUT) Pumptrack 17
Crankworx 15.06.2019 Mutters Dual Slalom  13
Crankworx 16.06.2019 Mutters DH 16
Glemmride IXS Rookies cup 07.07.2019 Saalbach (AUT) DH  2nd
Slo Enduro Serie 21.07.2019 Kope (SLO) Enduro  1st
Enduro ÖM 18.08.2019 Gradec (AUT) Enduro  3rd
Austria Gravity Serie 27.07.2019 Maria Zell (AUT) DH  thunderstorm
Surf and Turf 24.07.2019 St. Corona am Wechsl (AUT) RUN/PADDLE / BIKE 1 st.
IXS Downhill cup 1.08.2019 Innsbruck (AUT) DH 2nd
Austria Gravity Series 8.09.2019 Semmering (AUT) DH 1st
Red Bull Pumptrack World Champs round 14.09.2019 Leogang (AUT) Pumptrack 3rd

Season 2018

event date place discipline result
Schneefräsn 08.03.2018 Wexl Trails  Snow Dual Slalom 1st
Schneefräsn 11.03.2018 Saalbach Hinterglemm Snow DH 3rd
Schneefräsn 25.03.2018 Grünau Snow DH 2nd
IXS European Cup 15.04.2018 Maribor DH  19th
Bikefest Kalnica 25.05.2018 Kalnica (SK) Pumptrack 1st
Bikefest Kalnica 25.05.2018 Kalnica (SK) Dual Pumptrack  1st
Bikefest Kalnica 26.05.2018 Kalnica (SK) Dual Slalom  1st
Bikefest Kalnica 27.05.2018 Kalnica (SK) DH  1st
Crankworx 17.06.2018 Innsbruck (AUT) DH 15th
Crankworx 16.06.2018 Innsbruck (AUT) Pumptrack 10th
Crankworx 23.06.2018 Les Gets (FRA) DH  19th
Crankworx 22.06.2018 Les Gets (FRA) Pumptrack 10th
Crankworx 22.06.2018 Les Gets (FRA) Dual Slalom 16th 
Glemmride IXS CUP 15.07.2018 Saalbach Hinterglemm (AUT) DH 1st 
DH National Champs 29.07.2018 Innsbruck (AUT) DH 4th
Surf and Turf 11.08.2018 St. Corona am Wechsl DH 1st
Austria Cup Series 29.09.2018 Mariazell DH 1st

Season 2017

event date place discipline result
4x Pro Tour 08.03.2017 Azur (FRA) 4X 4th
Downhill National Champs 14.05.2017 Windischgarsten (AUT) DH 4th
Austrian Gravity Serie 21.05.2017 Hollenstein (AUT) DH 1st
Bikefest Kalnica 27.05.2017 Kalnica (SK) Dual Slalom  1st
Bikefest Kalnica 26.05.2017 Kalnica (SK) Pumptrack 1st
Bikefest Kalnica 26.05.2017 Kalnica (SK) Dual Pumptrack  1st
4X Pro Tour 03.06.2017 Fort William (GBR) 4X  3rd
IXS DH European Cup 18.06.2017 Schladming (AUT) DH  13th
Crankworx 25.06.2017 Innsbruck (AUT) DH  11th
Crankworx 24.06.2017 Innsbruck (AUT) Pumptrack  ?
4x Pro Tour 15.07.2017 Jablonec (CZE) 4x  2 nd
Glemmride IXS CUP 09.07.2017 Saalbach Hinterglemm (AUT) DH  2 nd
4X World CHamps  25.09.2017 Val Di Sole (ITA) 4x  3rd

Season 2016

I raced 2016 too I just lost my results. I have to update them again. Sorry.

Season 2015

event date place discipline result
Queen of Bike Park Kalnica 02.05.2015 Kalnica (SK) DH 1 st
4X Pro Tour Round 1# 24.05.2015 Winterberg (GER) 4x 1 st
Kalnica Bike Festival 21.06.2015 Kalnica (SK) Pumptrack /dual 1st/2nd
4x Pro Tour Round 2 # 06.06.2015 Fort Williams (GBR) 4x 2nd
Gravity Games / IXS cup 21.06.2015 Schladming (AUT DH 21th
Glemm Ride Bike Festival 03.07.2015 Saalbach DH 2nd
4x Pro Tour Round 3 # 18.07.2015 Szczawno Zdroj, (POL) 4x 1st
4x Pro Tour Round 4 # 25.07.2015 Jablonec (CZE) 4x 1st
World Champs 22.08.2015 Val Di Sole (ITA) 4x 6th
4x Pro Tour Overall World wide 4x 1st

Season 2014

event date place discipline result
Specialized Enduro Series 02.05.2014 Riva del Garda (ITA) Enduro 12th
4X World champs 13.06.2014 Leogang (AUT) 4x 4th
IXS European Cup 21.06.2014 Schladming (AUT) DH DNF
4x Pro Tour 28.06.2014 Val Di Sole (ITA) 4x 1st
Saalbach Festival 05.07.2014 Saalbach (AUT) Dual 2nd
National Champs 12.07.2014 Kirchberg (AUT) DH 5th
4x Pro Tour 26.07.2014 Jablonec (CZE) 4x 1st
Crankworx Bikefestival 08.08.2014 Whistler (CAN) DH 21th
4x Pro Tour 2014 Overall World wide 4x 1 st

Season 2013

event date place discipline result
4x Pro Tour 03.05.2013 Szczawno-Zdrój (POL) 4x DNS
Euro 4x Serie 18.05.2013 Winterberg (GER) 4x 2
Euro 4x Serie 02.06.2013 Harthill (GBR) 4x 2/4
4x Pro Tour 08.06.2013 Fort William (GBR) 4x 6
4x Pro Tour 15.06.2013 Val Di Sole (ITA) 4x 3
IXS Cup E1 06.07.2013 Spicak (CZE) DH 9
Saalbach Festiv 07.07.2013 Saalbach (AUT) DH/Dual  3/2
National Ch. 14.07.2013 Schladming (AUT) DH 3
4x Pro Tour 04.08.2013 Jablonec (CZE) 4x 3
CRANKWORX 18.08.2013  Whistler (CAN) DH/PumpT/Dual 18/9/5
4x Pro Tour  14.09.2013 Leogang (AUT) 4x 8
World Champs 21.09.2013 Leogang (AUT) 4x 7
4x Pro Tour Overall   4x 3

Season 2012

event date place discipline result
Bike festival 27.04.2012 Riva del Garda (ITA) 4x 6
IXS Europe Cup 27.05.2012 Leogang (AUT) DH 19
World cup
Val Di Sole (ITA) DH 34
4x Pro Tour 02.06.2012
Val Di Sole (ITA)
IXS German Cup 10.06.2012 Steinach DH 6
4x Pro Tour
Willingen (GER)
Willingen (GER)
flat tire
FreerideFestival 06.07.2012
Saalbach (AUT)
National Champs
15.07.2012 Schladming DH 4
4x Europe champs 18.08.2012 Polen 4x 5
World Champs 02.09.2012 Leogang (AUT) 4x 9

Season 2011

event date place discipline result
Slovenia Cup E1 17.04.2011 Avce (SLO) DH 6
Slovakia Cup 24.04.2011 Kalnica (SK) DH 2
Slovakia Cup 07.05.2011 Razola (SK) DH 1
National Champs 29.05.2011 Semmering (AUT)
World Cup
Fort Williams (GBR)
World Cup
Leogang (AUT)
Europe Cup
Leogang (AUT)
IXS Cup E1 19.06.2011 Leogang (AUT) DH 12
Saalbach Freeride Festival
CZ 4X Cup 17.07.2011 Odry 4x 32 (MEN)
IXS Cup E1 31.07.2011 Spicak DH 6
Wagrain Symphony
World Cup
Val di Sole (ITA)
4x 8
World Champs
Champery (SUI)
Slovakia Cup 18.09.2011 Male Lucivna (SK) DH 3
Austria Cup 18.10.2011 Mautern (AUT) DH 3

Season 2010

event date place discipline result
Italian cup 24.04.2010 Pievo di Teco DH 2
European4xCup 24.04.2010 Szczawno(POL) 4x 2
WC #1 01.05.2010 Houffalize (BEL) 4x 10
WC#2 15.05.2010 Maribor (SLO) DH/4x 27/11
Maxxis cup 29.05.2010 Koppl (AUT) 4x X
Fort Williams (GBR)
Willingen (GER)
Leogang (AUT)
4X 11
IXS E cup 27.06.2010 Leogang (AUT) DH 10
Val di Sole (ITA)
IXS cup 15.07.2010 Spizak (CZE) DH 7
ÖM 19.09.2010 Innsbruck (AUT) DH 2

Season 2009

event date place discipline result
National Champs 14.03.09 George (RSA) DH 1
National cup 28.03.09 Pietermaritzburg (RSA) DH 1
National cup 04.03.09 Pietermaritzburg (RSA) 4x 3
National cup 05.04.09 Pietermaritzburg (RSA) DH 6
WC #1
Pietermaritzburg (RSA)
WC #2
Houffalize (BEL)
WC #3
La Bresse (FRA)
WC #4
Vallnord (AND)
WC #2
Houffalize (BEL)
National Champs
Koppl (AUT)
WC #5
Fort William (GBR)
WC #6 21.06.09 Maribor (SLO) DH 24
IXS Cup 12.07.09
Leogang (AUT)
Wagrain Festival 01.08.09 Wagrain (AUT) DH 1
IXS European Cup 14.08.09 Chatel (FRA) DH 5
4x Austria Cup 30.08.09 St. Magarethen(AUT) 4x 1
4x Austria Cup 05.09.09 Schladming (AUT) 4x 1
WC #9 19.09.09 Schladming (AUT) DH/4x 24/9

Season 2008

event date place discipline result
NZ Cup 05.01.08 Queenstown DH 5
NZ Cup 09.01.08 Snow Park Wanaka DH 2
NZ Cup 12.01.08 Nelson National DH 3
NZ Cup 02.02.08 Rotorua DH 4
NZ Cup 16.02.08 Aukland DH 2
NZ Cup 24.02.08 Wellington (NChamps) DH/4x 4/4
Austrian Cup 26.04.08 Koppl 4x 3
Pre Event WM 04.05.08 Commezadura DH/4x 15/6
WC Nr 1 12.05.08 Maribor (SLO) DH/4x 23/6
OEM 18.05.08 Semmering (AUT) DH 3
WC Nr.2 01.06.08 Vallnord (AND) DH 19
WC Nr.3 08.06.08 Fort Williams (GBR) DH 18
Frontworx 13.06.08 Semmering (AUT) DH Training
World champs 22.06.08 Commezzadura (ITA) DH/4x 13/14
OEM 28.06.08 St. Magarethen(AUT) 4x 2
Austria Cup 05.07.2008 Voesendorf (AUT) 4x 2
EM 12.06.08 European Champs (ITA) DH 11
WC Nr.4 27.07.08 Mount Saint Anne (CAN) DH 17
WC Nr.5 03.08.08 Bromont (CAN) DH 24
Crankworx 10.08.08 Garbonzo DH 5
Crankworx 15.98.08 Giant Slalom DH 3
Crankworx 17.08.08 Canadian open DH 11
WC Nr.6 31.08.08 Canberra (AUS) DH/4x 14/9
WC Nr.7 14.09.08 Schladming (AUT) DH/4X 21/8
WC Overall 2008 UCI DH 18
WC Overall 2008 UCI  (3 races of  7) 4x 14

Season 2007

event date place discipline result
ITA Cup 03.03.07 Imperia (ITA) DH 4
ESP Cup 10.03.07 Ste. Maxime (FRA) DH 5
Maxxis Cup 17.03.07 Gouveia (POR) DH 7
Maxxis Cup 25.03.07 Valle d’Uixo (ESP) DH 1
Spain 17.03.07 Torrelles (ESP) DH 2
World Cup 12.05.07 Vigo (ESP) DH 17
AUT-Cup 19.05.07 Flattnitz (AUT) DH 3
AUT Championships 26.05.07 Schladming (AUT) 4X 3
AUT Championships 28.05.07 Schladming (AUT) DH 2
World Cup 09.06.07 Champery (SUI) DH 20
World Cup 23.06.07 Mont Saint Anne (CAN) DH 13
World Cup
07.07.07 Schladming
DH 19
World Cup 07.07.07 Schladming (AUT) 4X 6
AUT Cup 14.07.07 Parschlug (AUT)
DH 3
AUT Cup 21.07.07 St. Magarethen 4X 2
IXS cup 04.08.07 Wiriehorn (SUI) DH 6
AUT cup 11.08.07 Wagrain(AUT) Jam Session 1
SLO Race 25.08.07 Maribor (SLO)
DH 3
AUT-Cup 08.09.07 Herzogsdorf (AUT) 4x 1
World Cup 15.09.07 Maribor (SLO) DH/4X 26/11
AUT Cup 29.09.07 Semmering (AUT) DH 1
UCI World Cup 15.09.07
Overall Ranking
DH 16

Season 2006

Event  date  place  discipline  result
Maribor 04.09.06 Maribor (SLO) 4X 1
World Cup 10.09.06 Schladming (AUT) DH 16 (Quali)
IXS 20.08.06 Tabarz (GER) DH 7
Austria cup 06.08.06 Tieschen (AUT) 4X 3
Slowenia cup 23.07.06 Maribor (SLO) DH 2
European Champs 09.07.06 Commezzadura Val di Sole (ITA) DH 13
World Cup 25.06.06 Mont Saint Anne (CAN) DH 19
Norba Race 18.06.06 Mont Snow Vermont (USA) DH 17
Out of bounds 11.06.06 Leogang (AUT) 4DH 3
World cup 04.06.06 Willingen (GER) DH 31
Austria Cup 28.05.06 Flattnitz (AUT) DH 1
Lady Stonefield 13.05.06 Wr.Neustadt (AUT) 4X 1
NZ-Serie 29.01.06 Nelson (NZ) DH 4
NZ-Serie 22.01.06 Christchurch (NZ) DH 3
NZ-Serie 15.01.06 Queenstown (NZ) DH 3
NZ-Serie 08.01.06 Treble Cone (NZ) DH 5

And many races more since 1998.

my perfect season 2017

The season started for me in France at the first 4X Pro Tour. It was for me a new venue and I really liked the track. Was the first girl who jumped the proline and finished 3rd. After this, I raced some DH races in Austria and enjoyed it a lot to race on my big bike. I got 4th at the National Champs and one an Austria Cup race. After this, I raced in Kalnica my favourite bike park around me and won all three races there. After this, I travelled to Fort Williams and found myself at the 3rd spot in the 4X Race. I just love this race there. After this, I raced 2 DH races and also took part in the Pumptrack Race from Crankworx. After this, I swapped my bike back to 4x and race in Jablonec where I placed 2nd. Then I had my NIVA no diva Race camp and found one of my racer girls next to me on the podium which as the coolest feeling ever. I was so proud of her.
And THEN I race the world champs and finally got a medal I can’t describe in the world how much this means to me. One of my biggest dreams came true.

my perfect season 2015

To sum it up, I can say this was the best year in my career so far. I had some guardian angels stuck on both shoulders 24 hours and survived a brain surgery. Because I managed this big step I took everything else very easy, had no pressure on my shoulders and at the end it turned out great.
So my first race was in Riva, the Enduro series race, where I placed 12th. Then I started my real season straight with the 4X World Champs and I was more than satisfied.  To reach the final was my goal and I reached it – I placed 4th. In Schladming at the IXS DH race, I got a puncture in my race run so no result for me there. Then I won the 4x Pro Tour in Val Di Sole. My first big 4X WIN ever. After that, I raced in Saalbach where I placed 2nd. At the national champs I could have been better, there I placed 5th. Then in Jablonec the 4x Pro Tour race to be in the year I won again and so I won the 4x Pro Tour overall.

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Visual Race Reports 2014 / 2013

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