„And just like that, everything was suddenly different.“

When I hurt my shoulder at the beginning of the season, I was feeling good on my bike, but thought, it still wasn’t good enough. So instead of taking a day off, I rushed for another lap, and found myself 20 minutes later, with a lowered head, sitting in an ambulance. Knowing my season was over before it had even started. From every injury, I learn something. From this one, to enjoy the rides with my best friend, far away from the race tape.

This video was filmed late summer, as I was starting to feel better on my bike again.


My day starts normally with a big wet kiss even if Helene is still sleeping. I just can’t stop myself the bed edge is exactly my tongue hight. So it’s pretty much an invitation. When I am lucky Helene gets up straight away and she says „Good morning my golden nugget“ and kisses me on my forehead. This and a bowl of fresh meat is my favourite part in the morning.

But this morning was different, she slept longer and licking didn’t help at all she just didn’t get up so the logical consequence was that I got bored. And because I am „working“ Labrador Retriever not just a „show“ Labrador I needed a project because I am born to work. So I sneaked down in our cellar to check out the massive box which arrived yesterday. I was starring at it for a while and asking myself „What is in there? I smell something new. Should I open it? Nooooo, yes, maybe? I mean Helene does always so much for me so opening her paper box is the minimum I can do for her.“

So an excuse was born and I started to rip the box open. I am telling you guys that was so much fun to rip this massive paper box in lots of tinny tinny tinny little micro pieces. I have to confess I got quickly carried away and lost the focus. And in the next second Helene was standing in the door and I knew from her heartrate, face wrinkles and her voice straight away „Oh no I did something wrong!“ So I went straight into „I am so cute don’t forget you love me more than anything“ mode. And it worked.
So and from here you have to watch the video and tell me at the end if I am concerned about nothing?