What happened so far?

What happened in 2023 so far? 

What has happened?

My Year Project: Magazine Story – Vienna Dirt Story. 

Dust to Dawn Whip off – 2nd place
Slovenia Spring Trip + a DH Race 1st place
Pedro’s How To Do videos
Miesenbach Speed and Style and Whip off 1st. place and 3rd place
Kosutka Slovakia DH Race – 2nd place
Sporting Woman Bike Camp at the Reschenpass
Downhill / Pumptrack/ Dual Slalom at Crankworx Innsbruck
IXS Downhill Cup Semmering – 10th place
Chatel French Cup DH race – 8th place
DH European champs Les Menuires –  1st place or maybe not ? 

„VIENNA DIRT – European Magazine Story „

The perfect MTB week in Vienna „This project is a heart project of mine. 

So with this project, we were quite busy. But it turned out great. 
This is one of the publishing platforms and more will come. It’s still running and will be published in the next few months.   




“ Whips don’t lie“

That was the first event this year and I didn’t want to miss to see all my MTB friends. I had never been there before and the whip-off kicker was just perfect to get into the season. I had so much fun with the ladies and found myself in second place behind Nadja. 

2) Trip to Slovenia 

“ Our unplanned trip turned out to be one of the best. „

All we knew was that there were some Races in Slovenia and my partner wanted to give it a go in some E-BIKE races so we packed our Van and we were off. I also raced in a Downhill race from the Slovenian Cup and won it. Additionally, we produced some content.  We really enjoyed the time in Slovenia and especially around Ljubljana. 

3) „More Pedro´s Bike Care Workshop Tutorials

I show you how I do it. „

Also this year I am still working for Pedro’s Europe Tools. Here you see our newest videos.
We also took over their Instagram account. So if you are interested check it out. 

4) „Miesenbach Whip Off & Speed and Style“

This was my most spontaneous race ever. I registered in the middle of the night, got up early but still managed to take forever to leave, and arrived just a few minutes before the number pick-up closed. Then I did a half run and a „train“ run down the track before the race started. So my plan was to give it all pedal crazy and stay low on the jumps because I didn’t know them well. 
Between my first and the second run, I walked the track a bit and found a line I could gap, which I did and so I won the Speed style event with just speed. 
In the whip-off event, I had actually time to do some training laps on the whip-off kicker. It was so much fun because there were lots of women. We pushed each other and the hype was great. In the whip-off, I got third.  What a nice event. Thanks Trailand Miesenbach. 


5) „Kosutka Slovakia DH Cup“

“ It does get better…“

What a race and what a track. One of the most challenging tracks I have been racing this season. And that it rained on race day didn’t make it easier. The other girls all knew the track and they said to me it does get better …. and it did in fact on race day I felt great on the track even with the slippy conditions. In the end, I came 2nd behind Vanesa Petrovska. 

6) „Sporting Women Bike Camp“

“ Women MTB Camp Deluxe“

Another year and another camp at the Reschensee with an amazing group of women and men. Mainly women of course because it was a women’s MTB Camp organized by Monika Fiedler and her crew. My friend Martina, this year on Conway, was also there. This whole event was so nice and so professional I was again blown away by how much these girls got offered. Our group was so much fun and it was a pleasure to coach them. The hotels were amazing, the food and the catering were excellent, and the expo area was massive. So many brands were there to show their products and you could test all the bike-related products. 

If you are interested in a funny recap from the YouTuber Mike Rides MTB then check this out. 

7) „CRANKWORX Innsbruck „

“ I just love CRANKWORX in Innsbruck „

One of my favourite events of the year I would say. Crankworx is so much fun and so much is going on. Seeing good friends from all over the world and also meeting some of my sponsors. I took part in Pumptrack, Downhill, and Dual Slalom. The tracks haven’t changed much compared to the years before. So I knew what to expect and had some great training laps. My race runs also went well.
In Pumptrack I came 11th, In dual 18th, and in DH 17th. 


8) IXS European Cup Semmering (AUT) 

“ This rocky hill „

Semmering is like my home race so I know the track very well. But still doesn’t get easier the rocky terrain gets deeper and deeper because the rain washed the dirt away over the years.  I had some good runs in practice but in my race run, I made too many mistakes and couldn’t race at the same pace. I placed 11th.

9) Châtel French DH Cup

“ France is the DH Nation no doubt „

What a race. Really. Racing in France is just different. So many riders on such a high level. The track is very nice. It has everything. Fast top turns, jumps, roots, tricky hard-packed sections then loamy.  I really enjoyed it. We had over 300 riders and already over 40 Women. 
I came at the end 8th in Elite. I was happy about that. 

10) „European DH Champs in Les Menuires „

“ I would have been European Champ but…“

I have too many UCI points so I couldn’t race in the Masters class. I got told in Chatel that I could race in Masters and was looking forward to it because I was curious to battle against riders my age. But I had to race in the elite class. 
This UCI rule doesn’t make sense for us women. Because we are not so many starters compared to the men every time I start somewhere I get points easily. In Austria we don’t have a master class and the IXS European races also not… So to sum it up the next two years I can’t race masters because my UCI points are valid for one year and even at this race I got points again. The track was very hard because it was so dusty and exposed. The wind got you easy on the jumps and the helicopter had to fly multiple times because of heavy crashes. Luckily not for me I had good runs no crashes. I wasn’t really pushing myself in practice because I knew I couldn’t race in my age class so for what risking everything on the jumps? But on the final day, I thought I could still compare myself even if I couldn’t win and I jumped the big jumps at the top. I was very proud of myself, to be honest. 

In the end, I was 32 seconds faster than the Master’s winner, and in the Elite I was 15th. 
So theoretically I would have been European champ. But just theoretical.