PUMP TRACK – Bike festival VIENNA


Nice to drive just 30 minutes…to get to a nice race in VIENNA.

Like every year we have a bike festival in Vienna where normally the dirt jumpers are flying in the air. But this year the 4x/ BMX pros where pumping in circles.. So did I too. I took part at the Masters of dirt Pump Track race and I must say I did quite good. I beat many boys and made it into the top 16. I had a great heat with Clemens Kaudela the track builder and didn’t make it to easy for him to catch me. 🙂

An other good thing was that Denise from Iriedaily travelled to Vienna for the FOX HUNTING race and so I met her again. Funny.. we didn’t meet in ten years once and now in 3 weeks two times.

Vienna Bike Festival PICS