Sponsor News


Yesterday I was for a XC ride with my sponsor frontworx. The meeting point was clear and so everybody arrived in time. Volker, his girlfriend and 2 other assistants and I were ready to climb up the hill to enjoy the downhill afterwards. I must be honest I did this tour just 2 times. So I had a map with me just in case.. But better than a map was the one who showed me the tour and he was at the top with his friends nearly at the same time we were there .So we got save back to the car and did not get lost… This would have been quite embarrassing….The weather forecast wasn’t good but it didn’t rain and the day was excellent.


I not riding any longer Marzocchi. I change the sponsor and now I will ride Manitou. I have already got my new 4x Fork „Minute“. It’s light blue – Apart from the good looking and I tried the fork today and it’s Wicked!’#+`0?

Today my Sombrio riding gear arrived and what should I say special like everytime. The jerseys have on the bottom (left) on the inside a little square of cotton rag stitched off for clining your googles. I really count myself lucky to get this well delibereted clothes. Thanks to sports-nut by the way.

My first race will be the 4cross in Koppl on the 26 of April. So heaps of time to test my bikes.

see you LENE