Back to Leogang – relaxing?

Last weekend i travelled again to Leogang because the IXS cup and the European 4x cup was going on. It was all the same apart from that I was this time by myself and i had to switch the car, my one had a break defect. My uncle lent me his own. Friday the Dh track was in a good shape and the sun was out. I really enjoyed riding it. The 4x track was fast. I had good practice runs and had really fun. It was a great preparation for the World champs there next year. The qualification run went well too. I was 2,7 seconds first. Ahead from Diana Maggraff from Equador and Neza Knez from Slovenia.
Saturday I felt very tired I could feel the races from the weeks before and was empty. It was quite hectic and exhausting to switch between 4x and downhill. And my batteries were finished. At the end the weather conditions turned into a storm and the 4X final race and the elite dh qualification got cancelled. I kept my first place from quali, which was great and I was okay with that because the race would have been on Sunday morning, where i had downhill practice.
Sunday was raceday in downhill and I felt allright but not 100 percent motivated to be honest I wanted to go home to relax for a bite. So was my race run. The track looked not anymore like a downhill track more than a battle field, so deep brake holes and mud lines that you could slice with your brake disc the mud. I found my way down but the time was really crap. I finished 12th. But I didn’t think about it much it was not feeling for racing and so it was fine for me, I can not be always top. (okay in four cross I won, so I can not be top everyday….)
This weekend I stayed at home did some nice XC laps and 4x trainings, RELAXING that it was I needed. Bye bye Lene