Bratislava- BMX riding and Rax Sledding…..

from the beach to the BMx hall and from the BMx hall to the slope. Yesterday Markus, Hannes and I went to Bratislava to ride in the indoor BMX hall. It’s a good course and it was so crowed this time. I had so much fun to get back on my bike. I jumped new jumps and the start gate there is so good too.
AND Today markus and i went sleeding and it was soooooo funny. Apart from the fact we always have a good time it was just amazingly stupidly funny. We crashed we rolled and we jumped with the toboggans. Fortunatly we never lost one…compare to the steering control…. with wisely suspicious i packed my snow goggles ….. and without I wouldn’t have been able to see anything… I can’t understand how the others managed to ride and see something…The weather was great but still very cold.img_2700.jpgimg_2703.jpgimg_2692.jpg