Ecuador yo vengo

I hope everyone had nice christmas days and a good start in 2013. My one was little bite different. On the 31th I searched for my neighbours‘ dog „Ferdinand“ (see the picture below) in the forest because he ran away shocked by the fireworks…I think he was on a party because he returned in the morning totally relaxed…hmmm and we all were very finished. But at least I had some nice days after in the snow.
What’s new from the sport side:

I stay with the bike company Moro and looking forward to the new 4x frame. You can be suprised it looks like a good one. I will also have still the support from Hayes groupe with Manitou, Hayes, Answer and Sun Ringle. Acros, Michelin, Iriedaily, Spy, DVS, San Marco, Go Pro, R.S.P are still with me too.

My plans for next year is to take part at some festivals like Garda Festival (ITA), Willingen (GER) , Crankworx, Saalbach (AUT) and race the 4x Pro Tour,
some DH IXS cup European cups and I want to try an Enduro race as well.
I also want to work on my bike academy and do more Girls freeride camps.

I am looking forward to a great season and fun on my bike and friends…

The next stop is Ecuador. I am flying there next week to meet Diana Maggraff and her boyfriend.


My first tour with a split board.