Houffalize first 4 WC end report

The first World cup race took place in Belgium. In a small town called Houffalize. The 4x track was exactly like last year. So nothing was very new for me.
My team mate Hannes S, Markus and I arrived on Thursday midday, after a 12 hour drive and trained later on. I liked the track and it was thrilling track to watch. Not that the obstacles were very big, more the passing moves kept the crowed entertained. So did I. I qualified 11th and in my first heat I raced against Jana Horokova (the final winner) Sascha Huntigton (AUS) and Eva Castro (ESP). I had a bad gate but stayed on the back wheel of Sascha. In the second to last turn I tried to pass her and nearly made it. Jana was first, Sascha 2nd me 3rd -so out. After analysing the video I should have closed the ending of the turn completely and maybe some back wheel pushing…so my BMX experienced team mate Hannes and Markus. At the end I got 10 th.. Jana (CZE) won, Anita Molcik (AUT) 2nd, Emmeli Ragot (FRA) 3rd and 4th Anneke Beerten (NED). So in two weeks I have another chance in Maribor (SLO), where I will compete in DH and 4x. Bye bye Lene
Fotos by Tom HAUKE

markus and I
Angry face because the GPS sent us on a weird road…