National Champs : Semmering

Pedal Pedal pedal… was crossing my mind on Sunday at 15:12:30 when I looked on the clock –  ready to race when the light turned into green. I would lie saying I wasn’t nervous… my family was there to watch, which is very very seldom and who knows me knows that I am very comepetive person.. At the end I stood on the podium 3rd position (national ranking) and 4th (international ranking). To sum I had an okay run..Just okay because I managed to cross a corner so that I nearly overflow it and so I lost few seconds. Maybe I could have beaten the second placed woman Anita Molcik, with whom I was close the run before and the day before, but not Petra. She had a good time.

The race was very well organized and the weather was running always on the edge…All the time grey clouds were hanging over the „Zauberberg“ but the expected rain never appeared. A new starter fiel record was established I think I heard the speaker saying more then 300 starter. Also a storied number of girls/women competed and a lots of international riders  appeared (US, FIN, Japan, AUS, HUN, ITA, CZE, POL, GER …..had a lot of fun and enjoyed riding on this brilliant track. This weekend I will be in Windischgarsten (AUT) I don’t really like the track but yeah I will see how it works out. See you LENE

Pic by Kevin Kontschieder