The last days, I spent in Sydney City. China town was my first stop and neee I didn’t like it at all. I walked around the city and did the typical sight seeing stuff. Took pictures in front of the opera house.


Went on the fairy…

img_1506.JPGI don’t like cities much so I wanted to get out of it and moved to Manly. It’s in the north of Sydney it’s a beautiful place. I stayed with Mick Ross. I met him because I met Chris Southwood the boss from the Australian bike magazine „Mountain Bike“. Chris is also the Morewood distributor from AUS and got his email address from Dan, whom I met in Dan McMullans house one evening, and who is a good friend from Chris. quite complicated… Yeah and on Saturday afternoon I met Nico a French guy who lives in Sydney and I got a ride with him to a club race not far from Sydney. I was soooo happy to get out of Sydney and see a little bit country and also race my bike. It was great. The track was very different to them in Europe. So very flat and a lots of pedal section. But I enjoyed it and it was good training for canberra. The race was finished by 3-4 and I drove back with other riders and did some shuttle runs somewhere else near Sydney or Sydney I don’t know where it was. BUt it was good too. ANd after that my day wasn’t finished I went to a dirt jump place.


It was the best I have ever seen in real. I could jump there because i had just my dh bike and I am not a good dirt jumper either.. but i watched the guys.  SO yes that was pretty much what I did the last days. Today I heading on to Canberra… I will meet Diana Magraff..I can’t await that she is so funny…