the winter is coming

Its getting colder and colder in Austria. I am already thinking about riding my snowboard soon and I am klicking throught the online shops to get a new snowboard pants. The fashion has changed a lot and the prices too. So expensive but also so nice too. hmm hard to choose. I haven ridden my snowboard since nearly 2 years. Last year I was in NZ and injured before I could jump on my board and last last year also injured. So i my plan is to make it this year. I have already planned a weekend with my friends. and I think i will see the bratislava Indoor BMX hall sooner than I want. My hometrack is still okay to ride, Just the early darkness sucks. Markus is working until 3 and at 4 its getting already dark so I cant train with him lots. Markus worked on his pumptrack a lot and it’s in a very good shape now. Good fun to ride and so we also ride with the floodlights.
I have a new trainer. Lukas is his name and helps me with all the condition I have to work so much on my endurance. What i am doing since end of september. Spending hours and hours on my hometrainer pedalling to nowhere. I dont like it but it has to be done …Maybe I would have been already to Paris who knows…I am nearly through all my neighbours DVDs and I don’t know how many tears have been rolling over my cheeks because greasy romances. Harry and Sally, Maybe or maybe not, little miss sunshine, holiday, barfuss, kein ohr hase…. and so many more. Apart from pedalling I am going out and have fun with my friends and my brother.
At the moment my ant’s dog Annabell stays at my place so I go for long walks with her like in the old days when my dog was alive. so yes thats it…