welcome to Maribor

I am sitting on the steps of the hotel arena in Maribor and have a view of a bunch of young kids lying on their backs in the gras and doing weird excersises. But yeah it looks like good fun…

I came back from Italy on sunday night and was to tired to write something in my blog… BUt to sum up it was a good weekend and I learned a lot for the rest of the season. I really enjoyed the 4 cross riding and to compete. I had very good gates but i have to work on my passing stragety. I was leading the first straight but didn’t know what i can get out of it… ( On Thusday I was training on the bmx track with one local girl and she introduced my in the passing secret.. so I hope I can use some advices for maribor) The downhill track in Commezzadura was hard and long and I was running out of battery, because of too much 4 cross and downhill training…. On sunday I couldn’t hardly walk so i don’t have to tell that i rode very shit. I ended up 15th and that’s crap. But I had the chance to ride on the world championship track and had my riding on the other days was good. So I can be satisfied.

No I am in Maribor it was the first training day and the 4 cross track is difficult. It has no rythm. so at the moment it’s not good fun but i will see how it goes tomorrow. The downhill track is still the same and I can’t await to ride tomorrow.

bye your lENE