What about the women?


This weekend, Markus, my teammate Hannes Slavik and I went to Poland to take part at the second round of the European 4 cross cup race. It was a long drive up to Poland…we started at 7 o’clock morning and arrived at about 2 o’clock. I was so lucky I just had to drive for about one hour on the way home the rest the boys were driving. thanks by the way…We trained straight away, when we arrived. The track was fast, dry and slippery, had some nice turns and jumps in it. To sum it up I liked it a lot. What I really didn’t like was the amount of girls who where compeating, just me and Anita. Yeah we drive 7 hours to compete against each other allthough we live about 30 minutes away from each other… So we both saw it as a good training for 4x world cup in Houffalize. The weather was great and the croud was loud. But because of the fact we were just 2 girls competing the UCI and organisation ignored us completly. We were both very pissed. We didn’t show up on the qualification results, end results, homepage or on the podium. So it was like we had never raced there. Anyway in the qulification run I my time was 45,8 and Anita’s 45,6 so very close. And in our race run. At the start she was ahead of me on th e first straight and after the first turn I jumped the first double and she didn’t. So I was first but not for long I made a face plant because my front wheel slipped away. So she was a head again and stayed there until the finish.
Hannes got on the fabulous fourth place, considering that the world best best elite Riders were there.Maybe he would have even had a better result without his flat tire in the final run because before that he was on the 3rd position. Markus got kicked out by an german rider in his first heat, the rider got disqualified and Markus got in the next round. At the end he placed 22.
Bye Bye your LENE