What is she doing?

Yeah most of you might live in Austria and know what’s going on with the weather here. But for those who don’t know it is snowing and it’s so beautiful. I am not a big fan of cold or more I can’t stand the cold but I like the snow a lot. And since I am back from Marokko I feel permanently like an ice block. Buts it’s okay. So and so I have no other choice to search for indoor trainings. I am lucky and this BMX hall in Bratislava is just an hour away from my place. So my friend and I are going nearly every week there to do some gates and more. Apart from that we do sprints on the asphalt with the BMX to stay fast and go to the indoor training hall to make proprioceptor training.
I am positiv about my training but I not very positiv about my sponsor situation. I still need a money sponsors to be able to afford the next season. So everyone out there who wants to support me. I am here and ready.
Apart from this I finally moved in my new flat and it’s great. It’s a lot work until everything is how you want it, but many of you know I love to be creativ and put my own style in everything i touch. So these are my news.

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