4x Pro Tour …everything else than easy cheesy

What a weekend! I can say this was the most challenging, stressful, emotional and hottest race since many years for me. The JBC 4x Pro Tour in Czech Republic designed and organized by the 4x world champ Thomas Slavik.  I knew it gonna be hard and a difficult track but that it will be so hard I have never thought. In my first ten minutes training I wanted just to turn and drive home …how you want to survive this Helene? Was the question to myself! But after the first shock I calmed down knowing I have my coach Markus with me and I have the skills. I had plan and did section trainings. At the end of the day I was satisfied, didn’t crash, hit the lines I wanted, and my bike worked perfectly. I felt prepared for qualification day.  The next day it was even hotter then the day before and I have to be honest I couldn’t handle it. I felt finished, empty and totally exhausted. I couldn’t drink as much I sweat out… My run was not very good I was just happy to stay on the bike. I finished 3rd. Katy first and Celine second.
On Saturday, the race day I felt all right but the temperature was killing me and I was very tensed. You could feel it in the air everyone was stressed and wanted the race to be over. Lots of crashing and bad injuries were on the list.
In my semi-final I came 2nd and advanced to the final. So it was Katy, Celine, Anna B. and I. Finally I finished 3rd. So relieved I am glad to be on the podium again. At the man class the local hero Slavik T. won the race. It was a great event and I am happy I didn’t drive home..hahaha. The next weekend I will stay at home and after I am going  to whistler racing at crankworx with Caroline Buchanan…Girls week.. gonna be fun.