Bike and Beats Festival in Saalbach (Austria)

Bike and beBike and beats was the theme from the last bike festival in Saalbach and I can just confirm it. The music was great and the trails too. It was one of the best bike festivals I have been so far.  All the big names where there and the bike industry was kicking off with many bike test stations, competitions, autograph lessons, barbecues and pro riding training courses. The weather was all right too not perfect but all good.

I took part at the Super DH and the Dual Slalom race. The Dual Slalom was not at the same slope like last year and so I was very surprised about the old school meadow slalom and because I didn’t know it I was not prepared with the right tires. So the mission “how I get to my old hard rubber high stud mud tires”… was started. I flipped the whole world to get to these tires, made phone calls, ask my dad, ask my neighbours to search for them and more.. my riding friends Rene and Rainer started to make fun of me because I was so determined to get these tires and they didn’t believe me how important they were. But at the end my friend Cri brought it to me. (Big thanks for that) And at the latest at the men winner Guido Tschugg crossed the line with the same tire I had my friends started to realize how important it was to race down the super slippery grass slope with this specific tire.…
I was leading in qualification, dominated every heat and felt very strong, had fun and wanted to win bad. But in the final I made a mistake in the third turn and lost grip. I couldn’t make it up and finished just by few meters second behind Elke Rabeder (3rd Steffi Marth). I was pissed the first moment but now I am all good and happy. In the Super DH I didn’t expect much. I didn’t train DH lots and my body wasn’t trained for a 12-13 min downhill run just for 4x. But I was mentally strong and I fought until the end. And it paid off I found myself again on the podium (3rd). First was Elke, second Birgit Braumann) So to sum it up again a very good weekend for me… It just seems to work for me this year so far…..I am happy and thankful … and hope it stays like that.