4X St. Magarethen etc..

Last weekend I competed at a 4 Cross race in St. Magarethen. It was such a good race. Very well organised and the track was good too. The only lack was the number of competitors. We were just 2 girls okay I didn’t expect more but there were also just 7 elite men riders. I don’t wanna say that they aren’t the best from austria but I was a little bit frustrating. Seeing such a good event and so less riders. (Thanks to the organisation!!!)But anyway it was soooooooo hot that nearly all the riders went to a lake to cool down and continued riding at 4 o’clock… Even Kai and I…We proofed our skills in board jumping and extreme drying….The final started at 6 o ‚clock. Petra got first me second. Thomas Bubla first and Markus Sedlak second.

podium.jpg Petra and Igenerlali2.jpg

Thanks to my sponsor GENERALI
On Sunday we drove to Maribor and did there good runs. I realy like the area you can ride so many different things. Roots, Gaps, Drops, freeride trails…… We met the UCI World cup 4x Track builder… I forgot his name and we had a look on the new 4x track. It isn’t finished yet but it looks cool… I sure you can see soon the pictures on the nzride.com web page.

Tomorrow we are driving to Morzine and next weekend we will compete at a IXS cup.

See you LENE