Champery World cup Nr2 another way to survive…

The weekend is over… I am soooo happy: the track was just a night mare – everywhere steep and the catch nets were just 50 cm high. So if you crashed you didn’t even touch them. You just flew over it.. Incredible that this was allowed. I struggled all the weekend with myself if I should compete or not. There were two section which I didn’t do well. But at the end I raced and ended up 20. I am all right with that place. I am very proud that I compete at the end a lot of women didn’t because of different reasons. I heard that the race organiser choosed exactly that weekend because it hasn’t rained on that weekend for ten years.. Hmm but not 2007 it rained every afternoon cats and dogs…. Everytime when the 4x training started or the race the track became a river. The 4X was so exicting to watch because you never knew who was going to make the turns without slidding away. Jill Kintner won Seyoux Rachel 2nd and Fionn Griffiths came 3rd. In the men class won Brian Lopes, Michal Prokop 2nd and Filip Polc 3rd.
On Saturday evening it didn’t stop to rain. I was thinking about the next day and about the race track. How should I make it uiuiuiuiui. But it dried very quickly and the girls and most of the guys had the luck to race on a pretty dry track. Just the last who made a very good qualification time had though luck.
Matti Lehikoinen won , Steve Peat came 2nd and Sam Hill 3rd. BUt SAM H. was the last rider and had the worst conditions of all riders. Sam was stealing Matti the show with the impressing fact that he was just 1,5 second behind him in the poor of rain. Congratulations to Marielle Saner(SUI) 2nd Emmeline Ragot and Sabrina Jonnier came 3rd.
My next stop is Wagrain the bike park opening. And after that I am flying to Canada for the 3rd World cup.

See you soon LENE

Mount Sainte Anne (CAN) 3rd World cup ….

It was such a challenge to come here. I thought I could travel from the Montreal airport to Mount Sainte Anne with the dolphin team but few days before my flight I got the email from the dolphin team manager that they have no space for me. Hmm I knew that could happen but I didn’t expect it. So yeah I needed a new plan as soon as possible cause I’m to young to rent a car by myself. I emailed to riders,to team managers and phoned people who maybe could have helped me but nobody could at the end. Apart from the FusionTeam. Jenna Makgill a kiwi girl, is riding for the team and they had place for me in their chalet. I had no other choice to fly over and see what happen. I wasn’t that worry cause normally I always find a way. So did I this time too. At the London airport Heathrow I met a cross country rider with his crew and I asked him if they had space for me. The rider was world champion 2005 Filip Meirhaeghe is his name. They had space and I also could sleep the night in their accomondation. We arrived very late about 1 o’clock in the night I was soooooo happy that someone other was driving the car and that I had a bed to sleep.


The next day I met Jenna at the registration center so after I moved to her house with all my stuff. I hope she is allright sharing with me her room cause I am a “night speaker” sometimes in english sometimes in french and original of course in german. Jenna’s team is cool and I feel good hanging around with them. Yesterday was a good training day, the track is like last year very fast long and good fun. I like it and enjoy it. I just hope that I don’t destroy my rims because Sun Rims isn’t here and I don’t have spare ones with me.  I have to get ready and go training…
See you LENE

MSA final day

The race day….


– weather was perfect
– bike was o.k. nearly k.o. because me fork was still leaking my back rims was bended and my rear shock was leaking too.
– I had 2 excellent training runs the day before
– I had a good training run in the morning
– BUT I got a puncture in my qualification run

So I wasn’t sure about my final run. The track was long and you have to economize with your power. In my final run I got the lines perfect but I think I should have pedaling more… Hmmm but I am very satisfied with my final postion. 13th that’s my best result ever at a world cup race. I am stoked.
Sam HIll won/ greg minar 2nd steve peat 3rd matti L 4th
Sabrina 1st Tracy Mosley 2nd Emmeli Ragot 3rd and Tracy Hannah 4th

So what happened apart from racing.

– I met nice belgian people


-I jumped from a water fall. (the water was soooo cold) But it was such a great feeling. I don’t know how high it finally was but I could try some moves.

– I saw the loveliest place ever

– I danced until the sunrise at the After Party. I had so much fun with the other Kiwis (Amy


and Jenna)
– I nearly freaked out cause the Team who should give me a lift to the montreal aiport had a delay. I couldn’t reach them and thought they had forgotten me. But it wasn’t and I got to aiport by time.
– I cheered for the XC rider Filip and the two austrian xc rider beside the XC track on Saturday
– I bought earrings for 1,99 CANDollar which I have already lost 🙁 no picture available cos I lost them before……

I am from Austria….

4X Start4x.jpg

This weekend I raced in Schladming. It was the 4th UCI World cup. I decided to race 4X too. I enjoyed it a lot. The last years I didn’t want to race both discipline on one weekend, because it is very exhausting. You have to train more, you have to push your bike up the hill, you have to repair 2 bikes (DH /4x) and the qualification and the final runs are so late in the evening (about 8 to 10). This time I had to go to the anti doping control and it took so long that I finally went to bed at 12 o’clock. Stood up at 6 and at had my first training run at 7:45. Saturday morning i was so tired I couldn’t hold my handle bar very well. So I did just 3 runs. In the evening it was better. I qualificated for the 4x (7th). The first heat ended not very well for me. I had a good start but I had the worst start position. I got thwarted by Mio Sumaso and didn’t reach the final. In the semi final I had an excellent start. Hear I have to mention Markus Sedlak (runner up BMX national champ)and say thanks. He showed me how to do gate starts. I ended up 6th. I am was so happy about my final position. My first 4x World cup since ages and I felt so good on my bike. The only thing I really have to say I am so pissed of by the commentator he didn’t even realized at the semi final run that I am also from Austria and when I passed the finish line he just talked about the other austrian rider who was last because she is more known. Anyway I am proud on my result.
I wished I could be also proud on my downhill result (19th). I felt very good in my training runs and I am sure I could race top 15 but my grip broke at the start jump. I think it was a little bit broken before and just at this last run and first 2 seconds it broke. I struggled all the way down to hold on my handle bar because the grip was twisting around. This track had so many brake bumps and roots


that everybody has problems even without a twisting grip…. Anyway I can’t change it now. To sum up I had a great weekend and I am number 12th at the moment in the UCI World cup ranking in Downhill.
Maybe Kai and I going to compete at an Austrian race just 1 1/2 hour away from my village. I will see.



This weekend I gave it up… my rear shock was repaired on monday (4th times) because it was leaking again after the world cup run in Schladming. I thought yeah now it works but no. I had a race this weekend and it was a very nice track not that long but nice built. I tried to forget my rear shock and ride it until it was completly destroyed. Honestly I didn’t care anymore I couldn’t do anything in that moment. The complete saturday was just …..:-(

On sunday I visited a friend and we went swimming, inline skating, diving board jumping and with a pedal boat. It was soo hot and enjoyed it a lot after this horrible saturday.It was the first time for me with inline skates in a half pipe. I tried a „180°“. KIND of :-). On monday I went wakeboarding with Kai. It was very busy at the lift and so we couldn’t do many runs.


Gansta car…. We don’t need a party we have our own..img_5177.JPG

4X St. Magarethen etc..

Last weekend I competed at a 4 Cross race in St. Magarethen. It was such a good race. Very well organised and the track was good too. The only lack was the number of competitors. We were just 2 girls okay I didn’t expect more but there were also just 7 elite men riders. I don’t wanna say that they aren’t the best from austria but I was a little bit frustrating. Seeing such a good event and so less riders. (Thanks to the organisation!!!)But anyway it was soooooooo hot that nearly all the riders went to a lake to cool down and continued riding at 4 o’clock… Even Kai and I…We proofed our skills in board jumping and extreme drying….The final started at 6 o ‚clock. Petra got first me second. Thomas Bubla first and Markus Sedlak second.

podium.jpg Petra and Igenerlali2.jpg

Thanks to my sponsor GENERALI
On Sunday we drove to Maribor and did there good runs. I realy like the area you can ride so many different things. Roots, Gaps, Drops, freeride trails…… We met the UCI World cup 4x Track builder… I forgot his name and we had a look on the new 4x track. It isn’t finished yet but it looks cool… I sure you can see soon the pictures on the web page.

Tomorrow we are driving to Morzine and next weekend we will compete at a IXS cup.

See you LENE

Portes du Soleil

At the moment I am sitting in a nice living room from a nice hotel in France… What I am doing here. Of course riding my bike. After about a whole day spending our time with the tractor game, passing 2 countries we ended up in Morzine. A very touristy village right in the heart of Portes du Soleil bike area.
I am at one of the nicest places in Europe to ride your bike. About 24 lifts are running the whole day, about 650km signposted routes are to spotted. Many downhill tracks many single trails and some jump parks. The first day was not the exciting because we just ride on tracks where every wekend rider is riding. And there were a not ending brake bumps story. For everyone who can’t image what brake bumps are. They are little bumps which results of 100 of bouncing back wheels.
But today we went on extreme great tracks. One was a french national race track (Avoriaz – Montriond ) and other very amazing tracks. I am not very used to ride tracks fast I don’t know but the last days a learned a lot about improving the reaction skills and how to cope with different situations. When you race everything is well thought-out and you know your line. But here you done just one run on the trail and heading to next one.

To my Mum: Sorry that I was not at home on your birthday… I love you.

See you LENE

first day in Champery

It’s very pretty here. BUT the track isn’t fun… until now. I hope I going to enjoy it much more 2 morrow. There are two sections I am really afraid of and I will see if i can made them the next days. Hmm but no stress.  YEAH hear you tomorrow

see you LENE

Family weekend

The no racing weekend…I decided to stay at home this time because my next weeks are going to be very busy. Okay completly without bike it can’t work. So Kai and I were riding on a nearby mountain. We had the weather on our side. It was just very muddy so that I have to bleach my pants after the day to get ridden of the mud spots and we have also to clean the bikes. But apart from that I was great.
In the evening I spend time with my friends and had dinner at my friends restaurant/Pub schlosserei. The owner, Ali, was my best childhood friend and it is amazing how she manages ther restaurant all by herself. Perfect location, perfect food and nice staff. Whenever I find time I am there.
The Sunday was the big family day. We (my oncle, my aunt, my neighbours, my brother, my 2nd aunt and Kai) celebrated my father’s birthday. I count my neighbours to my family because the couple (Schimon) are for my brother and me our grand parents. We didn’t know our real grand parents and since I can think they took part at every important family celebration (Christmas/ Birthdays/ Easter/ graduation…)
The weather hold on until the dessert and after that it rained cats and dogs. I love the family parties but after the 5th times critzising my hear colour “why did you colour your hair black” (For everybody to understand I have normally blond hair) I had enough and took the chance to watch TV at my parents place. I think everybody knows how it is when the family is running out of talk topics and starting to critize you.

Back on the road…..
At the moment I am sitting in the car but this time as a passanger. Kai is driving. Very relaxing for me. We are playing the tractor game and I am leading at the moment. YES!


Okay on that picture he is leading but in the end I won.

We are on the way to my oncle and to the 2nd World cup in Champery. Franz lives in Zürich so we will stay over night there and go on in the morning. My cousin has birthday and I bought him a Skater T-shirt and a cap. I hope he will like it because I can remeber when I was a teenager it was hard to take my fancy.
More news are coming
See you LENE

Back home from our trip…

Kai and I came home on monday. We had a great training week in France and after that we went to Switzerland, where we took part at a Swiss IXS cup. It was a very simple track but good fun. A lot of parts to pedal also uphill. We both were very tired from 6 non stop riding days and sometimes we forgot about that. Kai broke his fork and so it wasn’t very perfect for him. I felt good in training. Of course tired but okay. I had a good first run and a crash in my second one. I didn’t get injured or broke something on my bike. I managed it to slide into the spectateurs.hmm so I lost a lot of seconds. I don’t know which place I could have made…Yes must, could, should, didn’t …that’s racing. You love it or you hate it.

What else happened, we spend some days at Kai’s friend Clemens, so we did a sight seeing tour through Bern (Sui)

strong swiss girl Verena and I

Clemens and Kai

and we swam across a very very very dangerous river to save a poor little screaming sheep on the other side of ther river.noooooo i am cheeky. The real story is. On the way to Wiriehorn we passed a river and along the river the hikers piled stones. You can see on the picture below. img_5366.JPG
We tried to build up one stone tower but hmm finally we failed. So but the most excited thing was to reach the place where all the stone towers were. The river looked very calm from the car but in real we didn’t know how to cross it without landing with our cameras in the water.

Kai and I are still playing the tractor game and we have a new pencil for the game. Her/His name is Traci. She/He is a very talented counter and does an excellent job. He/she was quite expensive but it was a safe investment.


Our next stop will be Wagrain the Symphony Jam Session (11.August). So everybody who has time should come BECAUSE I have birthday on Saturday… Getting old I know 24.. Anyway it will be a good event lots of riding and party.

See you Miss DH

Symphony Jam Session

Now it’s 2 years since the bike park Wagrain has opened and this year Jason and his crew organised a new generation race. Two runs. The first was against the time and the second was judged. The track wasn’t very long so it took us just 50 seconds. But a lots of obstancles and jumps were to passed. I had so much fun. Racing and Styling in one… I like the idea..I didn’t take it that serious…I won the competition and got good price money and a bling bling neckless… yo yo yo.

The party was also very good – organised by a near located skate shop. (Tigas base) Lots of dancing and lots of drinking. Jägermeister was the main drink because the winner spend his whole price money on that drinks. A box full with this little bottles which I guess must taste horrible. Hmm so no wonder that the party finished early. About 12 I went to bed and next day we spend a great day on the new bike park trails.

For next year the Bike park is planing to race from the top so about 10 minutes….. I can’t await that.

After the weekend we were in Leogang and in the new bike park in Czech Republik. Not to bad the freeride track is very nice and they will finish the downhill track soon.


stef, jason and i

That’s how it looks like when I clean my bike….
My next stop is in Györ (HUN) tomorrow. Going wake boarding… YEAH I like it. And my next riding stop is maybe the 24 hour race (Semmering)

see you LENE

WC Training

This weekend Kai and I took part at the national slovenia race in Maribor, on the World cup track. It was a great weekend, the weather was just brilliant. I guess the track will be hard in rain… So fingers crossed for the world cup. I like the track fast, tricky corners, wide open parts, and few jumps. Okay the jumping part isn’t my favourit but at the end I did it. I ended up 3rd and the austrian chicks were leading… First Petra Bernhard, Second Anita Molcik and Me. So we all were pretty happy.


Of course I have to mention that I couldn’t avoid to get bruises. I crashed in my training run on saturday in the stone section… Not good choice. No I have completly blue thighs and hmm I can’t even walk very well. But riding is good. I was for a ride yesterday and I had no pain.

At the moment I am sitting in the Press Center in Friedrichhafen. The time seems to be running. The world cup season is nearly finished and I have already had to think about sponsors. What I am gonna do next year. I think or I hope that I can keep most of my sponsors. Generali (an insurance company) has said already yes for the next year. I am so stocked about that because it is my most important sponsor.


So yeah I will see what this weekend brings. Today we were at the Demo day, where you could test bikes. But there were nearly just cross country and freeride bikes to test and I would have liked to ride some downhill bikes.

see you LENE

Sorry the time was running..

So long time ago that I wrote news.. Lots of things happened. The season is over and I am tired. I feel sick and have head ache. Anyway.

I should write about Maribor. The last world cup. I competed in 4 cross and downhill. It was the most exhausting Worlc up in my life. I had to think about so many things before I got to Maribor and then I had to discuss with the woman who should have rent us her appartment… SHOULD because the lady forgot about my reservation which I did 5 months before and about the call I did 3 weeks before… Anyway I was so angry that she didn’t had a chance to come with no solution for us. At the end we ended up in a big house full packed with amy, kai, kerrain, petra, mathias, diana her boyfriend and me.

The first training day was good, good weather good track just brilliant. At the afternoon I had 4x training. That worked well too. The next day – friday- I could hold on I was so tired. I did just 2 DH runs because I wanted to keep my power for the 4x qualification. Qualification worked allright but not good enough (11place).

In the evening the bathroom and the kitchen were awashed…Something broke down. pipes?? we didn’t know. The next day was good. I felt so good on my DH bike. But at the 4 x Training I was empty. Completly. No power. I took a rest and for the first run I was very motivated. I tried hard but I didn’t make it in the next round.

The next day was good I felt all right. Did one training run and then we had the qualification. It worked okay but I still wasn’t satisfied with my time. I tried hard in the final run and hit a tree with my shoulder so that I lost my balance and finally lost seconds. I ended up 26th . My absolut worst result this year… To sum up I know i can do better and I will train harder….

Thanks to all my sponsors my friends, Kai, Markus, Jürgen, Miriam, Chris, Jenna and my family without you my season wouldn’t be that good.

Semmering last Austrian cup race

yeah 🙁 🙂 the season is over. On the one side I am happy and on the other side sad. Always the same, in autum you know that you won’t see most of your friends for a long time. But then you realize „hey at home are waiting some very special persons for you“. Yesterday I met Miriam we were boomerang throwning… So much fun…

Okay back to the Semmering race. I was so stocked to be there. The last week I wasn’t sure if I wanna compete because I felt so tired and empty. But I didn’t want to miss the last season party so I raced. I stayed there for one night. I think it was the most expensive room I have slept in for the whole season 37Euro!! okay with breakfast but too much. Anyway it was a good desicion. The party was so good fun. Lots of dancing, smiling faces, drinking, joking around…. Some riders wanted to persuade me to drink alcohol. I was happy that I didn’t….So I could race well the next day. I won yeahhhhhhhhh that’s a good season ending. But I also have to say that Petra B. didn’t compete. She would propably won cause she had a better time in the seeding run the day before.

img_5792.JPG Petzi and I

img_5809.JPG Jörgili and Alex( I wish you a good recovery)img_5828.JPG
Eva and I img_5829.JPG boris and I
I won a ticket for the Motocross Freestyle Event in Vienna on the 16th. I have never been there so I look forward to see the crazy tricks.

So the next month i will conzentrate on my last writings I have to do for the university. And will enjoy trampolin jumping, salsa dancing and break dance with my student friends.Hmm and yoga I will try that soon. I need that to keep on smiling on my bike the whole season… That’s my way..


vienna museums night- and we on tour

Last night my friends and I decided to take part in one of the most interesting culture offer in Austria. It sounds very spectaculary and yeah it was. First so funny with friends company and second we saw a lot of good exhibitions. Kathi had planed everything and Markus and I had just to follow her… She is planing genius…. So the after picking up Markus we went to the „Stadthalle“ were we lined up (not the last one) in the croud. Oh I forgot to explain. The night of the museums is an event , which is just one time in the year. All the museums are longer open until 12 or 1 o’clock. You need just one ticket for all the museums. There organized shuttle buses,which drive you around to the places. Of course no wonder that many people are around but it’s just great. Okay now I can go on. In the Stadthalle we just got the last 3 tickets for the exhibition, which called „Dialog im Dunkeln“ (dialog in darkness). You will tell you later one…

After getting time tickets we went to the chocolate museum…Of course the main reason was to taste and test the different choco…We were a littel bit in hurry so we tried as much we could. We enjoyed it how you can see. Running schocki, choco fontaine, chocolate with chilli…running-schoki.jpg

Ute, Markus, Kathi

schokjugeln.jpg not to explain

das-bitte.jpg I wanted all of them
The next stop was in the „naturhistorisches Museum“ „natural history museum“. We wanted to take part in an guidance. But at the end it wasn’t that we were expected so we walked around and saw massive insects…..Amazing I tell you.

About 13 cm long…brbrbrbrbrimg_5947.JPG
In my past tense I must have been a lion??

Or a fancied peacock?


The unborn „star“ hmm what she/he would have been?


After the this museum we thought that we can’t miss the Albertina, where we could see Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Chagall, Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse, Kandinsky, Sam Francis, Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein,Francis Bacon.

We also were in gaudinnes rooms… so pretty…I was so fastinated by the lusters. miss downhill „magbie“, I love bling bling things… img_5999.JPG


After that we were pretty tired but we wanted to make it to the dialog im Dunklen thing…We are the ones who stay on the course! YES- And we made okay not all because we didn’t have enough tickets. So Kathi and I could make it. It was a great experience. You walked around in 100% darkness area with a blindman’s stick. It was a realistic walk with forest, trees, zebra crossing, a bus drive, … I have very bad eyes (12diopter) and sometimes I thought about getting blind. Of course it scares me, who wouldn’t it. But after this night I’m really happy about my eyes and that I have my friends Kathi and Markus.