Portes du Soleil

At the moment I am sitting in a nice living room from a nice hotel in France… What I am doing here. Of course riding my bike. After about a whole day spending our time with the tractor game, passing 2 countries we ended up in Morzine. A very touristy village right in the heart of Portes du Soleil bike area.
I am at one of the nicest places in Europe to ride your bike. About 24 lifts are running the whole day, about 650km signposted routes are to spotted. Many downhill tracks many single trails and some jump parks. The first day was not the exciting because we just ride on tracks where every wekend rider is riding. And there were a not ending brake bumps story. For everyone who can’t image what brake bumps are. They are little bumps which results of 100 of bouncing back wheels.
But today we went on extreme great tracks. One was a french national race track (Avoriaz – Montriond ) and other very amazing tracks. I am not very used to ride tracks fast I don’t know but the last days a learned a lot about improving the reaction skills and how to cope with different situations. When you race everything is well thought-out and you know your line. But here you done just one run on the trail and heading to next one.

To my Mum: Sorry that I was not at home on your birthday… I love you.

See you LENE