Back home from our trip…

Kai and I came home on monday. We had a great training week in France and after that we went to Switzerland, where we took part at a Swiss IXS cup. It was a very simple track but good fun. A lot of parts to pedal also uphill. We both were very tired from 6 non stop riding days and sometimes we forgot about that. Kai broke his fork and so it wasn’t very perfect for him. I felt good in training. Of course tired but okay. I had a good first run and a crash in my second one. I didn’t get injured or broke something on my bike. I managed it to slide into the spectateurs.hmm so I lost a lot of seconds. I don’t know which place I could have made…Yes must, could, should, didn’t …that’s racing. You love it or you hate it.

What else happened, we spend some days at Kai’s friend Clemens, so we did a sight seeing tour through Bern (Sui)

strong swiss girl Verena and I

Clemens and Kai

and we swam across a very very very dangerous river to save a poor little screaming sheep on the other side of ther river.noooooo i am cheeky. The real story is. On the way to Wiriehorn we passed a river and along the river the hikers piled stones. You can see on the picture below. img_5366.JPG
We tried to build up one stone tower but hmm finally we failed. So but the most excited thing was to reach the place where all the stone towers were. The river looked very calm from the car but in real we didn’t know how to cross it without landing with our cameras in the water.

Kai and I are still playing the tractor game and we have a new pencil for the game. Her/His name is Traci. She/He is a very talented counter and does an excellent job. He/she was quite expensive but it was a safe investment.


Our next stop will be Wagrain the Symphony Jam Session (11.August). So everybody who has time should come BECAUSE I have birthday on Saturday… Getting old I know 24.. Anyway it will be a good event lots of riding and party.

See you Miss DH