Symphony Jam Session

Now it’s 2 years since the bike park Wagrain has opened and this year Jason and his crew organised a new generation race. Two runs. The first was against the time and the second was judged. The track wasn’t very long so it took us just 50 seconds. But a lots of obstancles and jumps were to passed. I had so much fun. Racing and Styling in one… I like the idea..I didn’t take it that serious…I won the competition and got good price money and a bling bling neckless… yo yo yo.

The party was also very good – organised by a near located skate shop. (Tigas base) Lots of dancing and lots of drinking. Jägermeister was the main drink because the winner spend his whole price money on that drinks. A box full with this little bottles which I guess must taste horrible. Hmm so no wonder that the party finished early. About 12 I went to bed and next day we spend a great day on the new bike park trails.

For next year the Bike park is planing to race from the top so about 10 minutes….. I can’t await that.

After the weekend we were in Leogang and in the new bike park in Czech Republik. Not to bad the freeride track is very nice and they will finish the downhill track soon.


stef, jason and i

That’s how it looks like when I clean my bike….
My next stop is in Györ (HUN) tomorrow. Going wake boarding… YEAH I like it. And my next riding stop is maybe the 24 hour race (Semmering)

see you LENE