I am from Austria….

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This weekend I raced in Schladming. It was the 4th UCI World cup. I decided to race 4X too. I enjoyed it a lot. The last years I didn’t want to race both discipline on one weekend, because it is very exhausting. You have to train more, you have to push your bike up the hill, you have to repair 2 bikes (DH /4x) and the qualification and the final runs are so late in the evening (about 8 to 10). This time I had to go to the anti doping control and it took so long that I finally went to bed at 12 o’clock. Stood up at 6 and at had my first training run at 7:45. Saturday morning i was so tired I couldn’t hold my handle bar very well. So I did just 3 runs. In the evening it was better. I qualificated for the 4x (7th). The first heat ended not very well for me. I had a good start but I had the worst start position. I got thwarted by Mio Sumaso and didn’t reach the final. In the semi final I had an excellent start. Hear I have to mention Markus Sedlak (runner up BMX national champ)and say thanks. He showed me how to do gate starts. I ended up 6th. I am was so happy about my final position. My first 4x World cup since ages and I felt so good on my bike. The only thing I really have to say I am so pissed of by the commentator he didn’t even realized at the semi final run that I am also from Austria and when I passed the finish line he just talked about the other austrian rider who was last because she is more known. Anyway I am proud on my result.
I wished I could be also proud on my downhill result (19th). I felt very good in my training runs and I am sure I could race top 15 but my grip broke at the start jump. I think it was a little bit broken before and just at this last run and first 2 seconds it broke. I struggled all the way down to hold on my handle bar because the grip was twisting around. This track had so many brake bumps and roots


that everybody has problems even without a twisting grip…. Anyway I can’t change it now. To sum up I had a great weekend and I am number 12th at the moment in the UCI World cup ranking in Downhill.
Maybe Kai and I going to compete at an Austrian race just 1 1/2 hour away from my village. I will see.