When does it get warmer?

What you are doing here over the winter? Yes this same question I am asking myself all the time, when I come home after a two hour XC ride and frozen fingers and toes. Normally I am writing my race reports from New Zealand our Morocco, South Africa or wherever.. But this winter I decided to stay at home to get some money for the coming race time.Last time it was so painful that I have to put my fingers under cold running water and increas the temperature step by step.. I nearly cried…So and for those who think I wore normal gloves… No I had this super winter biking gloves for over 50 Euros. Just the socks could have been better. So I bike around with my freeride bike and wait that my forks and rear shox get ready. Because I sent it to the service center. Thanks to Martin Pyffrader by the way, who update my FOX Suspension.

When i am not outside I am in the Fitness Center – Galaxy Fitness There I have the opportunity to train with this TRX Product. Its a loop training and it works. I really think its one of the funniest indoor training I did in a fitness center.

So apart from that I try to build up a Bike Coaching business with the founders, Thomas Bubla and Christian Zauner of the Vienna Bike Acadamy. You can already sign in for the courses. We have in the range from Basic up to Advanced, Business Events and Downhill Camps for girls only….

Or I do freelance graphic design jobs.
I looking forward to warm temperatures… and no frozen fingers..

bye bye Lene

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil

Seegrotte Hinterbrühl

Seegrotte Hinterbrühl

 european biggest under ground lake

Europeans largest under ground lake