Mount Sainte Anne (CAN) 3rd World cup ….

It was such a challenge to come here. I thought I could travel from the Montreal airport to Mount Sainte Anne with the dolphin team but few days before my flight I got the email from the dolphin team manager that they have no space for me. Hmm I knew that could happen but I didn’t expect it. So yeah I needed a new plan as soon as possible cause I’m to young to rent a car by myself. I emailed to riders,to team managers and phoned people who maybe could have helped me but nobody could at the end. Apart from the FusionTeam. Jenna Makgill a kiwi girl, is riding for the team and they had place for me in their chalet. I had no other choice to fly over and see what happen. I wasn’t that worry cause normally I always find a way. So did I this time too. At the London airport Heathrow I met a cross country rider with his crew and I asked him if they had space for me. The rider was world champion 2005 Filip Meirhaeghe is his name. They had space and I also could sleep the night in their accomondation. We arrived very late about 1 o’clock in the night I was soooooo happy that someone other was driving the car and that I had a bed to sleep.


The next day I met Jenna at the registration center so after I moved to her house with all my stuff. I hope she is allright sharing with me her room cause I am a “night speaker” sometimes in english sometimes in french and original of course in german. Jenna’s team is cool and I feel good hanging around with them. Yesterday was a good training day, the track is like last year very fast long and good fun. I like it and enjoy it. I just hope that I don’t destroy my rims because Sun Rims isn’t here and I don’t have spare ones with me.  I have to get ready and go training…
See you LENE