Semmering last Austrian cup race

yeah 🙁 🙂 the season is over. On the one side I am happy and on the other side sad. Always the same, in autum you know that you won’t see most of your friends for a long time. But then you realize „hey at home are waiting some very special persons for you“. Yesterday I met Miriam we were boomerang throwning… So much fun…

Okay back to the Semmering race. I was so stocked to be there. The last week I wasn’t sure if I wanna compete because I felt so tired and empty. But I didn’t want to miss the last season party so I raced. I stayed there for one night. I think it was the most expensive room I have slept in for the whole season 37Euro!! okay with breakfast but too much. Anyway it was a good desicion. The party was so good fun. Lots of dancing, smiling faces, drinking, joking around…. Some riders wanted to persuade me to drink alcohol. I was happy that I didn’t….So I could race well the next day. I won yeahhhhhhhhh that’s a good season ending. But I also have to say that Petra B. didn’t compete. She would propably won cause she had a better time in the seeding run the day before.

img_5792.JPG Petzi and I

img_5809.JPG Jörgili and Alex( I wish you a good recovery)img_5828.JPG
Eva and I img_5829.JPG boris and I
I won a ticket for the Motocross Freestyle Event in Vienna on the 16th. I have never been there so I look forward to see the crazy tricks.

So the next month i will conzentrate on my last writings I have to do for the university. And will enjoy trampolin jumping, salsa dancing and break dance with my student friends.Hmm and yoga I will try that soon. I need that to keep on smiling on my bike the whole season… That’s my way..