Sorry the time was running..

So long time ago that I wrote news.. Lots of things happened. The season is over and I am tired. I feel sick and have head ache. Anyway.

I should write about Maribor. The last world cup. I competed in 4 cross and downhill. It was the most exhausting Worlc up in my life. I had to think about so many things before I got to Maribor and then I had to discuss with the woman who should have rent us her appartment… SHOULD because the lady forgot about my reservation which I did 5 months before and about the call I did 3 weeks before… Anyway I was so angry that she didn’t had a chance to come with no solution for us. At the end we ended up in a big house full packed with amy, kai, kerrain, petra, mathias, diana her boyfriend and me.

The first training day was good, good weather good track just brilliant. At the afternoon I had 4x training. That worked well too. The next day – friday- I could hold on I was so tired. I did just 2 DH runs because I wanted to keep my power for the 4x qualification. Qualification worked allright but not good enough (11place).

In the evening the bathroom and the kitchen were awashed…Something broke down. pipes?? we didn’t know. The next day was good. I felt so good on my DH bike. But at the 4 x Training I was empty. Completly. No power. I took a rest and for the first run I was very motivated. I tried hard but I didn’t make it in the next round.

The next day was good I felt all right. Did one training run and then we had the qualification. It worked okay but I still wasn’t satisfied with my time. I tried hard in the final run and hit a tree with my shoulder so that I lost my balance and finally lost seconds. I ended up 26th . My absolut worst result this year… To sum up I know i can do better and I will train harder….

Thanks to all my sponsors my friends, Kai, Markus, Jürgen, Miriam, Chris, Jenna and my family without you my season wouldn’t be that good.