Family weekend

The no racing weekend…I decided to stay at home this time because my next weeks are going to be very busy. Okay completly without bike it can’t work. So Kai and I were riding on a nearby mountain. We had the weather on our side. It was just very muddy so that I have to bleach my pants after the day to get ridden of the mud spots and we have also to clean the bikes. But apart from that I was great.
In the evening I spend time with my friends and had dinner at my friends restaurant/Pub schlosserei. The owner, Ali, was my best childhood friend and it is amazing how she manages ther restaurant all by herself. Perfect location, perfect food and nice staff. Whenever I find time I am there.
The Sunday was the big family day. We (my oncle, my aunt, my neighbours, my brother, my 2nd aunt and Kai) celebrated my father’s birthday. I count my neighbours to my family because the couple (Schimon) are for my brother and me our grand parents. We didn’t know our real grand parents and since I can think they took part at every important family celebration (Christmas/ Birthdays/ Easter/ graduation…)
The weather hold on until the dessert and after that it rained cats and dogs. I love the family parties but after the 5th times critzising my hear colour “why did you colour your hair black” (For everybody to understand I have normally blond hair) I had enough and took the chance to watch TV at my parents place. I think everybody knows how it is when the family is running out of talk topics and starting to critize you.

Back on the road…..
At the moment I am sitting in the car but this time as a passanger. Kai is driving. Very relaxing for me. We are playing the tractor game and I am leading at the moment. YES!


Okay on that picture he is leading but in the end I won.

We are on the way to my oncle and to the 2nd World cup in Champery. Franz lives in Zürich so we will stay over night there and go on in the morning. My cousin has birthday and I bought him a Skater T-shirt and a cap. I hope he will like it because I can remeber when I was a teenager it was hard to take my fancy.
More news are coming
See you LENE