4x St. Magarethen

This weekend I was back on my four cross bike. My flashy red/orange Morewood ENZA bike- I love it.  Markus and I got up early got ready and drove to St. Magarethen. He drove like always because I was still tired from getting up so early. The weather was good and the sun was shining. That was very important for this track, because if the surface is wet and soaked it’s impossible to ride and race on this track. The mood gets so sticky and heavy that you destroy the whole track. Anyway the training started late because the track was still wet from the night rain. I know the track from last year so I felt all right and felt good on my bike and on this track. My qualification time was very good. When I passed the finish line I thought….sxxx because I slipped out of my pedal at the start and I was worry that I lost again much. But  I was first with 4 seconds ahead to the second and 5 to the third. I was so happy about that and didn’t expect that I am so much faster than the others. In the race run I had a good gate, got the first corner and won the final easy. I was soooo happy and couldn’t believe it when I crossed the finish just after when I huged Markus I screamed in his ear I won I won I won. Second got Petra Bernhard from Austria and third Neza Knez from Slovenia. That means no that I am leading the 4x Cup in Austria. The last round is this weekend on Saturday in Schladming on the world cup track. I hope it’s gonna be nice weather because the weather forcast is very very bad. RAIN RAIN RAIN. And on Sunday I will be in Slovenia to do a women downhill camp with Lisa from Alptrails. So sorry for my sponsors that I can’t be at the Eurobike this year. Bye LENE