Bonjour, ca va? C’est que tu fais? …voyagez?

Yes I was on tour again this time in France. The ixs European cup was held in Chalet.


Some of you bikers mind know this place because it is one valley of the big bike paradise called Port du soleil or Les gets or Morzine or…. There are so many tracks. Some of them are easy and some of thema are really hard downhill tracks. I mean still not comparable with Whistler (CAN) but I think on of the best places to be in Europe.

It was a nice week. I started with my birthday- 26. I celebrated on Monday because I was to busy to party on Tuesday (11th- my the original birth day) By the way „happy birthday“ to my uncle, Niki S., Simone H. So it wasn’t a big party it was more a small friends and family thing with a Sachertorte.


I was to busy to organize something bigger. On Tuesday I packed my stuff and worked on my apartment. At Wednesday morning about 6 o’clock I drove to Schladming to meet Elias the RSP rider, because we planned to drive together to the race. He has a big van, where we could sleep in. So yes we started at 9:30 and arrive at 19:30. 10 hours drive….oh my god and so many traffic jams maybe about 6.. to much. Especially in Switzerland it was a night mare. Before Zurich after Zurich before Bern after Bern before…after…every city was surrounded by slowly moving cars…I was very happy that Elias drove and i was just the passenger who slept with head back and open mouth.

Elias friends Mario and Benni

have been already there when we arrived and so we enlarged our pits with elias canvas blind. img_5622smal.jpg

We called the area under the tents our living room.


On the picture you can see sometimes it got out of control but the role allocation in our group were well defined. So the group harmony was just perfect and we had so much fun. I laughed tears….img_5627small.jpg

The weather was great too, just in the nights it got really cold and I was so glad that i had my sleeping bag.

On Thursday the race track was closed so we went training on our great tracks. I really enjoyed riding new tracks but I was glad that I could ride on the race track the next day. I like to know the track well to ride fast and I also like to ride when the track is taped so you have to look for fast lines. I love racing. jep the training went well and the seeding run so so. Many good riders were there. Riders like the World champ 2007 Sabrina Jonnier, the european champ Florine Pugine and many other fast ladies. So it was a good competitor field. On sunday it went allright. I made a mistake in my race run and lost my balance in the only muddy turn on the whole track. I ended up on the 5th position, so I was satisfied and happy about this place.

After the race Elias and I packed our stuff straight away and drove back. Elias had to work on Monday morning and I wanted to be at home to get everything ready for the workers in my apartment. So yes this time it even took longer and we arrived at 2 o’clock in the night at Schladming. I was the princess again and Elias didn’t bother to drive…I was so pleased for that because I was sooo tired. On Monday I training on the World cup track in Schladming and drove back home after midday.

Now I am back home and tomorrow I will finish the Bathroom and train DH at Semmering…. BYe bye LENE