About 40 hours and about 11.000 miles..to go home

With one dry eye and one wet eye I left Wellington on the 28 Feb midday.


Leaving good friends, who I had embosomed to go home and see the best friends again…I had a awesome time in NZ but know it was time to go home the races were finished and my budget too.

It was a good journey. I had no long waiting durations between the flight, no lost bike or bag and okay seats, good food, nice weather so a very good view out of the window


and so good entertainment on board. Heaps of good music and films. And I was so surprise when I watched an NZ movie, called „the devil dared to me“ to see one of the Junior Rider as one of the main actors. First moment I thought “ wau he looks very similar to the kid I know from the race series..but then I saw his name and could believe it – Zach Baker is not only fast no he can act too.


Now I try to find my day rhythm here, until now it works pretty well and have to sort out many things for the starting World cup season and today I have my official Frontworx contract signing meeting. We didn’t have time before I left.
See you LENE