At home…Happy Easter

Now I can say that I have acclimatized. Everything works well here not very exciting, but yes of course what can easily trump the last months. The last week I hanged out with my friends, who I haven’t seen for ages and trained a lot. It was nice to speak about other stuff than forks, brakes, titanium springs, the world cup schedule… Both girls don’t bother about biking so it was quite relaxing, giggling around and doing other things. I had also a chat with my trainer and we talked about my coming season and so I am working basically on my endurance and torso strength. The weather doesn’t offer other opportunities than cross country riding and sitting on the home trainer. But the other day I did a new XC round with some friends of mine and it was just great. Really nice tracks and some good downhills. So I have not so say that my heart beats for downhill but XC riding is a part of it and tracks like these are making the training easier.

Yesterday I spend nearly the whole afternoon in my cellar. Very cold so well prepared with 5 layers of sweatshirts and T-shirts I worked on my bikes, cleaned my work shop and built up my new 4 Cross bike from Morewood. It looks really hot and I did some laps. It feels good but I have to work a little bit on the weight. Today I wanted to do some real training runs on my hometrack but it is raining at the moment and you can’t ride there when the ground is wet… too sticky.

But anyway it’s easter Sunday so it’s family day. I have already got my easter rabbit and a present. A perfume which I have tried at the airport in London and my mother took a smell at this little perfume cards you can use to try it.. the girls will know what i mean. In 3 hours I can tell, we will sit in the dinning room with big bellies, caused by my mothers‘ fabulous cooking, and talking about the family members who are not here, I will have to answer the New Zealand questions, my aunt will amuse us by her lovely stories and my mum will laugh and cry because she is so funny and my father’s half brother will enrich us with his life anecdotes. So yes I am proud to be a member of this family. Happy Easter see you LENE.