chicks on tour number one (Pievo de Teco)

pievo-di-teco07-xx.jpgChicks on tour (with one guy) report number one….
First of all. The news for everybody who crossed the fingers for me, who asked me all the exam’s questions, who had pantience and my parents who helped me out during the last week, I passed my exam, my last exam, that hardest exam, which nobody is passing by the, no first , no second, yes 3rd time. This exam for that I have been learning since November. I’m so happy I can’t tell you. Now I can start my season relaxed…And so Petra, Martin and I left Austria friday morning.
The journey started with a little delay…”Martin after these three weeks you will learn to stand up in time”…So anyway. The whole tour was nearly pretty good. No traffic jams or car crashes or thieves. (The italien petrol stations arn’t the safest places)
At the end we couldn’t find our hotel. Somewhere in nowhere hmm we are used to this…that’s racing and travelling.
Petra is a little bit cold. Me too but she is worst. But for me she is a walking pharmacy and so she has everything for every situation and feeling.
The first stop is in Pievo de Teco. This village is located between Imperia and Genova. At the moment I am sitting in my car and it is Sunday miday. The sun is shining and I am wearing shorts and sunglasses. Yipi. It cant’ be better. The track is funny and long (6 minutes). Not to difficult so good to start the season. Many burms,rock plates and very dusty. Better than mud J. I think that’s a track for Petra. I feel good too and the most important I can ride and have fun. The start field is high. Sabrina Jonnier (world champ) and other good riders are competing. The Italiens are friendly and the shuttles service works well.
So yeah that are the news up to now.

Now I am sitting in my hotel room and it is Monday morning. The race is over and I ended up 4th. Petra 3th. E. Ragout 2nd and Sabrina Jonnier 1st. I’am satisfied with my place and my riding. For sure I felt not as well as at the end of the season last year 2006. But it’s okay. I had a lot of fun.