Chicks on tour report (Auch)

img_3943.JPGAt the moment I am in Auch, a City located near Toulouse. Hmm, what are we doing here? My rear shock doesn’t work. I think I hasn’t been working at all. I was on the phone all day; I don’t wanna see my mobile phone bill at the end of this month. I am at the Manitou France distributor office.

What happend the last days? After Perinaldo, we changed our plans and travelled to Ste Maxime instead to Barcelona. We took part at a french national cup. It’s located close to St. Topez. It was a good track. Completely dry and some jumps. One gap and many burms. The only problem was the crowd of people. Heaps of young stars. I think about 300 racers or more. So we could only do 3 training runs on Saturday and no one on the final day.
I endend up 5th and Petra 3th. First Sabrina Jonnier again.
I had a crash in my final run so I am not so satisfied with my result.
Nico Vink, the dolphin Trek rider lend me his spare rear shock. I had luck otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to ride my bike well.

I hope the mechanic fixed my rear shock. If yes we are going to Gouveia, International Maxxis Cup race in Portugal..

I will keep you up to date.

Miss DH