European IXS cup race in Spicak…

The last weekend I finally got back on my BIG BIKE to race a DH race (European IXS Cup) and I had so much fun and loved it. It wasn’t difficult for me to get used to the DH bike again but it was difficult to get race pace. I also juts trained the last month to give everything for 90 seconds and not to race 4-5 minutes… But I wouldn’t be a racer when I wouldn’t give my best.
The race was in Czech Republic in a place called Spicak. I have been here two times and always enjoyed it…. so this time too. I travelled with a very nice group so from this side we just laughed lots. The track is very rooty and the corners are tight and tricky and it isn’t an easy track at all, quite challenging but good.
Practice went well the track was fast and dry but just few minutes before the ladies qualification it started to rain cats and dogs. The track got so difficult but I stayed chilled, positive and smiled… I finished 10th and was happy and knew race day is on Sunday. So on race day the sun came out again and the track was getting back in good conditions. My run was all right. I made few mistakes but I was still very satisfied I didn’t crash hit the lines I wanted so all good. I placed 9th.
Now I am in Saalbach (AUT) at the Bike and Beats festival and will compete at the DH race and a Dual Slalom race. We trained today and all good I am excited and glad to be here.
bye bye Helene