VOODOO RIDE – We ride for those who can’t / 20 August movie release

In the beginning of 2014 I had a serious brain surgery and it wasn’t clear if I might have a disability and never be able to ride again… Luckily everything turned out well, but this experience left a mark, which made me start to think about ways to help other people, who were not so lucky like me- like people in a wheelchair. 
So the VOODOO RIDE movie and charity project was born. 
So Tanja and I are organizing a donation tombola of the „VOODOO RIDE Bike“, where all the earnings go straight to “Wings for life”- a foundation for spinal cord research with the goal to find cure for paraplegics throughout the world. We are glad to give something back and support Wings for life. „Because we ride for those who can’t, but hopefully will again one day!“

Thanks to:
Hayes Components (Manitou, Hayes, Sun Ringle, Answer)
Filmer: Gianluca Ricceri
Photographer: Jorge Matreno
Actors: Ana Marcia Da Luz, Rodrigo Silva, Joao Zuzarte Reis, Pedro Pires, Christoph Putz. Joao Goncalves, Daniela Teixeira, Sara Pinto, Rita Santos, Catarina Moura, Tania Henriques
Diagao Ramalho from Naya house
FB group Sintra Freeride Militia
FB group Sintra Downhill
Follow us on Facebook/werideforthosewhocant.
The movie will be released on the 20th August. So stay tuned for the following donation on WINGS FOR LIFE. 
Bye bye Helene