NIVA!- No DIVA Jam Session in Saalbach Hinterglemm 0.3 Juli. 2015


Du bist ein Female-Rider, hast Bock auf Gravity und Geschwindigkeit? Fühlst dich bereits ganz sicher auf deinem Bike und möchtest die nächste Stufe erklimmen? Vielleicht sogar dein erstes Rennen bestreiten oder einfach deine Fahrtechnik verbessern? Dann bist du der NIVA! -NO DIVA – JAM SESSION am 3. Juli. 2015 genau richtig! 

Der Camp Tag findet im Zuge des Glemmride Festivals in Saalbach Hinterglemm ( statt und der Focus liegt in der Downhill- und Endurotechnik. Mit FemRide Teamchefin, Michèle Quint und mit mir bekommt ihr Spezialistinnen an eure Seite. Wir haben einiges geplant und das „Icing on the cake“ ist noch, dass du ein Goody Bag gesponsert von ION, BABY-G, IRIEDAILY , Maxxis und Coco Juice bekommst. (im Wert von 250 Euro)

Du kannst wählen, ob du dich für das Rennen am Sonntag auf der Proline vorbereiten willst und bekommst Tipps und Tricks von mir, oder du möchtest ein klassisches Fahrtechniktraining machen bei Michèle. Je nach Nachfrage wird es zwei Gruppen geben.


9:00 -10:30 Startnummer holen (bitte vorher bei anmelden für die, die das Glemmride Downhillrennen mitfahren wollen)


10:30 – 10:45 Zusammentreffen der Gruppe – Aufteilung etc.
11:00- 12:30 gemeinsames fahren auf der Blue Line
12:30- 13:00 gemeinsame Mittagspause

Gruppe A (Helene)  13:00 -17:00 Pro Line Training
Gruppe B (Michèle) 13:00 – 17:00 Bike Circus Saalbach ( Blue Line, Milka Line , Z- Line je nach Wunsch)

Nachdem ihr dann Samstag sicher fleißig selber gefahren seid und vielleicht Fragen habt, gibt es noch eine Nachbesprechung bzw. eine Rennvorbesprechung.
Samstag Nachmittag: genauer Zeitpunkt und Treffpunkt wird dann bekannt gegeben

 Du brauchst dafür eine Bike mit mindestens 150 mm Federweg, Protektoren (Knie, Elbogen, Rücken), lange Handschuhe und einen FullFace Helm. Was du nicht brauchst sind Profiskills, die lernst du ja von uns 🙂 Ob Racerin oder Anfängerin jede Könnerstufe ist herzlichst willkommen. Was aber schon wichtig ist, dass du Trail oder Bikeparkerfahrung mitbringst.

Anmeldung hier

Kosten: 149 Euro pro Person
max 12. Teilnehmerinnen
Bei Fragen einfach mailen an


Goody Bag 🙂

Deine Goodies - klick dich durch


We have a winner

Finally it is over and we have a winner of the Enduro Bike. Congratulation to…? WATCH To know.

Thanks again to everyone who donated, helped us to publish this project, to finance this project and thanks to everyone who helped us.

To sum it up.

15.000 clicks
lots of likes
and 82 donators

2014 Euros for WINGS FOR LIFE. 

bye bye Helene

Voodoo Ride – We ride for those who can’t

The „Voodoo Ride“ project was set up in the beginning of 2014 by Tanja Hendrysiak and myself. It is based on my dramatic personal experience, my brain surgery that I had in Spring 2014. After a MTB crash doctors found a cerebral cavernoma, a blood vessel malformation in the brain during a routine check, which needed to be taken out. At that point it was not clear, how the surgery would turn out – if I might have a disability, since the cavernoma was located in the motor center of the brain. Naturally these were very scary news.

I am very lucky because the surgery turned out fine and I can live my life how I want and do what I love – which is riding my bike! But a lot of people are not as fortunate and that‘s why we got the idea to help them and to contribute something, which is this video and a subsequent charity tombola for „Wings for Life“. Their goal is to find a cure for parplegia.
The idea of the „Voodoo Ride“ movie with its charitable intention met a lot of response from my and Tanja’s sponsors (Manitou, Hayes, Answer, Sun Ringle, Merida, Acros, Ion, Iriedaily und Shimano), as well as actors and voluntary background actors, the videomaker Gianlucca Ricceri, the photographer Jorge Matreno and the „Wings fo Life“-project manager Wolfgang Illek.
I met up with Wolfgang Illek and interviewed him:
Interview with Wolfgang Illek:
Since Wolfgang’s crash during his training for the Downhill Worldcup in Schladming 2004 he has been paralysed from the shoulders down. It was not a spectacular crash, but a quite common one „over the handlebars“. But it was enough to put him into a wheelchair and to completely turn his life upside down.
„Right after the crash there is nothing like before. I communicated merely with my eyes and after 13 months of hospital and rehabilitation, I could go back to my family and friends for the first time. Back home I realized that there were a lot of barriers and obstacles and it was hard for me to depend so much on the help of others. ‚Please‘ and ‚thank you‘ became part of my daily standard vocabulary.“ (Wolfgang Illek, Project Manager at „Wings for Life“)
Despite this cruel blow of fate Wolfgang doesn’t let himself down. As athlete he is used to fighting his way through. He finished his studies, continues to exercise consequently and now works as project manager for „Wings For Life“.
„I am very proud to be a part of „Wings For Life. This foundation for spinal cord research has the goal to find cure for spinal cord injuries. In order to achieve that, we support the most pomising research projects all over the world. The question is not whether effective treatments and cures will be found, but when they will be found. We have great support from the field of sports, for example from Sebastian Vettel and many more. But it can not be enough – we have not yet reached our goal. We are happy about every support we can get and with Helene’s and Tanja‘s „Voodoo Ride Project“ you can see, that everyone is able to contribute a part. Small donations are impotant. (Wolfgang Illek, Project Manager at „Wings for Life“)
Wings for Life guarantees that 100% of the donations will go towards cutting-edge spinal cord research projects. The same applies to the proceeds generated through the „Voodoo Ride“ bike- tombola.

Donation end 10th dec. 2014 24:00
The winner will be announced on Facebook and here. 
The personal data will not be used for anything else then this tombola.

VOODOO RIDE – We ride for those who can’t / 20 August movie release

In the beginning of 2014 I had a serious brain surgery and it wasn’t clear if I might have a disability and never be able to ride again… Luckily everything turned out well, but this experience left a mark, which made me start to think about ways to help other people, who were not so lucky like me- like people in a wheelchair. 
So the VOODOO RIDE movie and charity project was born. 
So Tanja and I are organizing a donation tombola of the „VOODOO RIDE Bike“, where all the earnings go straight to “Wings for life”- a foundation for spinal cord research with the goal to find cure for paraplegics throughout the world. We are glad to give something back and support Wings for life. „Because we ride for those who can’t, but hopefully will again one day!“

Thanks to:
Hayes Components (Manitou, Hayes, Sun Ringle, Answer)
Filmer: Gianluca Ricceri
Photographer: Jorge Matreno
Actors: Ana Marcia Da Luz, Rodrigo Silva, Joao Zuzarte Reis, Pedro Pires, Christoph Putz. Joao Goncalves, Daniela Teixeira, Sara Pinto, Rita Santos, Catarina Moura, Tania Henriques
Diagao Ramalho from Naya house
FB group Sintra Freeride Militia
FB group Sintra Downhill
Follow us on Facebook/werideforthosewhocant.
The movie will be released on the 20th August. So stay tuned for the following donation on WINGS FOR LIFE. 
Bye bye Helene

GRAB YOUR BALLS? *WTF*#?=”(()&!§(?=)$;:_”§”/=)/F#CK

I I think this race news will be the most clarifying and honest report I have ever written so far and I guess some of you won’t be happy to read this, but I felt to write it. After this disillusioning racing weekend. JBC REVELATION- Grab your balls – was the slogan of the last event!? ?*WTF*#?=”(()&!§(?=)$;:_”§”/=)/F#CK.
The name already says everything –  that this race wasn’t meant to be a race for women. I have to admit, this year this theme was so true,  and it’s our own fault. The track was very versatile, in a perfect condition and for me personally it was not difficult.
The weather was fine and the place was awesome. For me, it was one of the best races this year. Via facebook I tried to organize and motivate the other 4X ladies to come together and race on this high-class-level, but it was a hassle.
Just five registered, and in the end only 2 were racing. 2 hurt themselves (wish them a quick recovery) and one didn’t even show up.
I don’t know what the problem was… Is the elite 4x woman sport dead? Does the 4x women class not count anymore at all? Why do I have to be so many times confronted with discriminatory moments against women in this sport? Like “this is not a girls track!”, “no girls at the rider’s presentation”, “women were not planned to be represented!”, “MTB is mens sport”,  “women shouldn’t ride this track!”.
Did posing and being beautiful become more important for the bike industry than performing? Why do girls get sponsoring deals, although they can’t even make a bunny hop and why are they surprised, that the men in this sport get jealous and talk insulting about women? Is the whole 4x sport dead? Is nobody motivated to race, because the World Champs already took place? Is the Enduro format killing the 4x sport? Could the 4x management be better? Do the athletes themselves turn their own backs on the 4x sport, because they have to?

So many questions but I don’t want to answer them all – I just want to make you think about it. 

I can just tell you, the spectators love this format. It’s easy to watch, easy to understand and so easy to get infected by the amazing atmosphere. Even I can’t watch the mens’ heats before my own racing heats because I got so nervous and emotionally touched by this action. The JBC Crew worked their … off to make this 4x Pro Tour Gold event so perfect and there were only 42 men and 4 women. Seriously?? Of course the mens’ pro line wasn’t the easiest one, but the event has had the best media coverage for us athletes since a long time. So in my case of course I was there to represent my sponsors, the 4x sport and myself. I am very proud of my performance, because I was riding and training on a good level and it’s not my fault, that there was nearly nobody there to compete with. And if someone gives me shit about my first place, that it was easy, because we were not many women…. I just say just come here 2015 and do it better.

Merry X Mas- See you next year

The year is nearly over and to sum it up it was a great season for me. I survived my surgery and recovered very well and quick and raced the first year since a long time without pressure and expectations on myself. My first race and my first Enduro race this year was in Riva del Garda. The track wasn’t really a good one like I have heard but I tried my best and finished 16th. After this my next stop was the world champs in Leogang also my first 4x race this year. I was super motivated had great support and I my goal was to reach the finals, which I did. I said to myself losing isn’t an option and I felt strong, even with trainings deficits. This 4th place at the World champs is the biggest success in my career and I am proud on myself. 

The rest of the 4x season went also very good for me. I won the 4x Pro Tour in Val di Sole and in Jablonec. So I won the 4x Pro Tour Overall 2014. 
In the downhill discipline it could have been better. I had a puncture at the IXS cup in Schladming and at the Austrian national champs I didn’t find my pace. 

In August I had the pleasure to fly with my boyfriend to Vancouver. I took part at A Line race at Crankworx and enjoyed the endless jumptrails and DH trails in Whistler. 

After that the charity video project campaign “Voodoo Ride – We ride for those who can’t!” for Wings for Life got launched. Totally there were over 10.000 views, 15.000 clicks online and 400 people watched it at the cinema and it will be shown on an Austrian Sports TV channel.

That was pretty much my season. Lots of smiling,  lots of training and lots of working for this project, but it was worth.

I want to say big thanks to everyone who was there for me this year and also a big thanks to my sponsors, who always try the best to makes my athletes race life as easy as possible. And thanks to those who donated for the project.

Bye Bye Helene

What a pleasure.

The only bear I met 🙁

The last weeks were one of nicest of my race season so far. After the win at the 4x Pro Tour race in Jablonec and the win of overall 4x Pro Tour I travelled straight to Canada – Vancouver- WHISTLER. But this time I rode with my big bike. The Alutech Sennes. At the same time CRANKWORX was on. Crankworx is THE MTB EVENT you have to see one day in your life, if you like MTB. The event program is amazing. Go Pro Diaries/ Deep Summer/ Enduro World cup/ Slopestyle – Joyride/ Dual Air and Style/ Garbonzo DH/ Canadian Open DH / Pumptrack /Dual /Whip off Championships and ALINE Air race.

I took part at the ALINE race. I had so much fun racing there even my placement wasn’t the best. I had two amazing weeks in one of the best MTB Park in the world so I can’t complain. We were riding everyday. I caught up with my friend Caroline Buchanan and her boyfriend. I celebrated my birthday with my boyfriend.
I don’t know how many times we rode the Freight train- Dirt Merchant- A-LINE track (my favourite tracks) The over 100 jumps are perfectly shaped and you can jump so high and far without even realizing it. My big goal for this trip was to learn a whip and I have to be honest I have to keep learning, but I am getting there. I wished we would have something similar in Europe or even better near my hometown.

No I am back in Austria and very busy already. The time when an athlete can just ride and train is a thing of the past. Sometimes I miss the times without social media and smart phones.
On the one side it is good to have Facebook/ Instagram /youtube/ vimeo /twitter etc. it helps to represent yourself better and you can be creative and show that you have also other skills then racing fast and you can show who you are. But on the other side it means you have to swap your bike with your MAC too often. So the last days I sit in front of my MAC, designing, emailing and planning everything for the presentation for the movie project Voodoo Ride on different social media partners and the eurobike.

Thanks to my sponsors and Aumayer Druck Verlag who made this trip possible

4x Pro Tour First win ever :-)

Last weekend I raced at the 4x Pro Tour Gold event in Val di Sole (Italy). I have been here many times, so I knew the track very well and I felt confident to win this race.
We arrived  earlier to enjoy also the area and the sports activities here. So we went wild water rafting, which I always wanted to do and never have had time. It was so much fun.
On Thursday and Friday I trained on the track and on Friday I had my qualification run. Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous at all.  I knew with a solid run I can be the first, so I stayed relaxed and it turned out well. I hit the lines I wanted and even on this slippery gravel turns, my Michelin tires sticked on. I placed first with 2,7 sec advantage.
On Saturday evening we had just 3 heats, because we were not as many women as I wished. I had good gates and good runs and I won the half finals and the finals.
That win was my first 4x Pro Tour win ever and I was very happy about my result and about my performance. Second got Alia Marccelini (ITA), third Natalia Piwowarczy (POL). The next weekend I will be in Saalbach at the Bike and Beats festival and will take part at the Dual Slalom event.
Thanks to all my sponsors.
Bye Bye Helene and see you in Saalbach – AUT (Bike and Beats festival)
Check out this video if you want to see me in action and speaking  🙂

World Champs in Leogang 4th place

This weekend I raced in Leogang the 4x World champs and turned out to be the biggest thing in my racing career.
It was an emotional roller coaster for me. I haven’t raced four cross since the last year and because of my brain surgery I couldn’t prepare myself perfectly like normal and road my bike about 4 times before I went there.
The practice on thursday and friday went allright but I felt lost on the track. Spent too much time on the upper part and should have trained more the last rock section. There I made a mistake in my qualification run, I lost so much momentum that I nearly fall over. The time was still okay I placed 5th behind Anneke B, Steffi Marth, Caty Curd and Lucia Oetjen. Totally we were 16th girls.
In the night from friday to saturday I felt asleep very late. I though too much about my mistake and my outside gate pick.
On raceday I tried to get my motivation back and get focused. I told myself that I am gonna be in the finals. All or nothing. I have wanted it so bad like never before.
In the half finals I raced against Anneke, Lucia and Julia and I know this gonna be a difficult heat but in the first turn I went inside and got behind Anneke and Lucia was just a litte bit behind me and so at the second left turn I went inside and I nearly went down with Lucia because she pushed hard to pass me. But I won this battle and she went down. So I advanced in the next round. At this was the FINALS!!!! I was so happy already. In that heat I had to race against Anneke, steffi and Katy. I had the last gate pick and stayed behind Steffi Marth (3rd) Anneke and Katy jumped the first pro Line and Katy the second pro Line too. Big respect to her – she won the gold medal. Anneke 2nd and Marth 3rd. I just can say after this last 8 month the 4 th place is for me like a gold medal.

Thanks to: Cri, Georg and Matte who helped my out this weekend with being my mechanic.
Thanks to all my sponsors, who believes in me and my friends and family, who are always there for me.

Media Coverage:

Mein Bezirk Salzburg

This is the most interesting Link:  SPORT BILD Video –

Alutech 4x Bike
World Champs – Happy face
happy face…
Thanks to Go Pro for the support

Georg S. the filmer Watch out for the Leogang documentary „True Racing“
my sweet heart was of course with me
lot of G forces in the first turn
Final Start. Me, Katy Curd, Steffi Marth, Anneke Beerten

Austrian DH National Champs- “Next time I will give everything and being ready to fail rather than having a solid slow run and “don’t fail”

After my successful weekend in Saalbach – at the bike and beats festival, where I placed 2nd at thegrass old school dual slalom I moved on to Tirol to take part at the DH national champs and something very strange happened to me. In all years of racing I didn’t have the drive to give everything. I was racing without any emotion at all. Maybe because I was tired from the last weeks or maybe the suddenly coming bladder infection stopped me. I don’t know. I also got a new Manitou Dorado Fork just the day before so my bike was it for sure not it worked so well.
Training went fine. I slept well and had good support from my boyfriend. So all good I thought.
Everyone was sliding and crashing around on this super slippery muddy surface. But not me, I managed to stay on my bike the whole weekend I haven’t even crashed once. Now retrospective I think I was just to slow or didn’t try to reach my limits.
On Sunday at the start I just wanted to have a solid run and no crash what I did but that meant also a very devastating result. I cruised down the hill and just at the finish line, without knowing my placement, I realized that I hadn’t given everything and wished to do another run.  But that’s racing and competing you have only one chance and should “go for it or go home”.
On the way home I started to think a lot about my run and my strange feeling at the start and swore to myself.
“Next time I will give everything and being ready to fail rather than having a solid slow run and “don’t fail”. The watch says maybe the same but I take the risk and can say at the end I tried my best !!! ”

Schladming Race Report IXS European Cup

There are always two perspectives in life and also in riding. The one how you see yourself and the one how someone else sees you.
This weekend I raced the IXS European Cup in Schladming. It was like a World cup, all the other pro riders were there, because Schladming is one of the best DH tracks in Europe and everyone loves it. The track was in an excellent shape and it was perfect weather.
For the first time I had my Alutech Sennes in race action and it has been a long time that I raced DH, I think nearly one year. And it was only the fifth day that I rode my downhill bike this year including this race weekend. So I couldn’t expect much from myself but to see that so many other riders, who were always slower than you are now much faster, was not so easy to accept.
My training went good. I couldn’t stop smiling I enjoyed it a lot but I had to stay focused and realistic what I am able to do and not risking and wanting too much from myself. To have my friends, Birgit and Cri with me, helped me a lot to realize what I am doing is great and you have to be passionate, brave, crazy, consequent to do this sport and to be proud of every challenge you cope with.
I have been DH riding since 15 years and I still love it even if some jumps or sections drive me crazy. I think this sport gives me so much energy and power to reach big things in normal life and even that I had a puncture in the second turn durring the race and so had a “ DID NOT FINISH result ” , I still smile and
am looking forward to my next chance.

Next stop is Val di Sole (Italy). But this time back on my 4x Bike for the 4x Pro Tour Gold Event.

Bye bye Lene

Where are the 4x World Champs?

How do you see the different between a 4x girl and a XC girl just look at her legs and the sun marks of the knee protection

This place is very beautiful, is surrounded by mountains, has a big bike park and is in Austria. The world cup circus stops there since many years, the 4x track is designed by Guido Tschugg, I am racing there every year, and it is the 3rd time that the World Champs are there.
I am talking about Leogang. The event starts tomorrow  (12 Juni) and the final race is this Saturday at 5:30 pm.

I took the advantage and trained there last weekend. I not just rode the 4x track i also tested my new downhill bike the alutech sennes the first time. I just love it. It feels amazing to be back on the big bike and my suspension worked perfect. Thanks to Manitou.
The tracks were in a good condition and we enjoyed riding there. 
The 4x Track is still the same just the rock garden got worse to be honest not One of my favourite. 
Here are some impression from this weekend. Thanks to Cri who took the pictures.

Shoot shoot shoot in Nauders with Alutech TRAILFORCE TEAM- True Riding is on.

love is in the air

The last weekends were very bussy again but something different than normal.
I had a Alutech Team meeting in Nauders with my team members, manager, boss, filmer and fotographer.
We had so much luck the weather was just perfect and Nauders is just an amazing bike paradise.. Just I was a little bit sick and my nose was running and running and I had not much power, but I pushed threw. It was still a lot of fun and the crew was so nice. I am looking forward to the outcome.. These pics are taken with my Go Pro.

Anna Brandtner and I enjoying the shoot
the best man in the world
yeah riding doesn’t know an age

few of the team (filming crew)