World Champs in Leogang 4th place

This weekend I raced in Leogang the 4x World champs and turned out to be the biggest thing in my racing career.
It was an emotional roller coaster for me. I haven’t raced four cross since the last year and because of my brain surgery I couldn’t prepare myself perfectly like normal and road my bike about 4 times before I went there.
The practice on thursday and friday went allright but I felt lost on the track. Spent too much time on the upper part and should have trained more the last rock section. There I made a mistake in my qualification run, I lost so much momentum that I nearly fall over. The time was still okay I placed 5th behind Anneke B, Steffi Marth, Caty Curd and Lucia Oetjen. Totally we were 16th girls.
In the night from friday to saturday I felt asleep very late. I though too much about my mistake and my outside gate pick.
On raceday I tried to get my motivation back and get focused. I told myself that I am gonna be in the finals. All or nothing. I have wanted it so bad like never before.
In the half finals I raced against Anneke, Lucia and Julia and I know this gonna be a difficult heat but in the first turn I went inside and got behind Anneke and Lucia was just a litte bit behind me and so at the second left turn I went inside and I nearly went down with Lucia because she pushed hard to pass me. But I won this battle and she went down. So I advanced in the next round. At this was the FINALS!!!! I was so happy already. In that heat I had to race against Anneke, steffi and Katy. I had the last gate pick and stayed behind Steffi Marth (3rd) Anneke and Katy jumped the first pro Line and Katy the second pro Line too. Big respect to her – she won the gold medal. Anneke 2nd and Marth 3rd. I just can say after this last 8 month the 4 th place is for me like a gold medal.

Thanks to: Cri, Georg and Matte who helped my out this weekend with being my mechanic.
Thanks to all my sponsors, who believes in me and my friends and family, who are always there for me.

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Mein Bezirk Salzburg

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Alutech 4x Bike
World Champs – Happy face
happy face…
Thanks to Go Pro for the support

Georg S. the filmer Watch out for the Leogang documentary „True Racing“
my sweet heart was of course with me
lot of G forces in the first turn
Final Start. Me, Katy Curd, Steffi Marth, Anneke Beerten