What a pleasure.

The only bear I met 🙁

The last weeks were one of nicest of my race season so far. After the win at the 4x Pro Tour race in Jablonec and the win of overall 4x Pro Tour I travelled straight to Canada – Vancouver- WHISTLER. But this time I rode with my big bike. The Alutech Sennes. At the same time CRANKWORX was on. Crankworx is THE MTB EVENT you have to see one day in your life, if you like MTB. The event program is amazing. Go Pro Diaries/ Deep Summer/ Enduro World cup/ Slopestyle – Joyride/ Dual Air and Style/ Garbonzo DH/ Canadian Open DH / Pumptrack /Dual /Whip off Championships and ALINE Air race.

I took part at the ALINE race. I had so much fun racing there even my placement wasn’t the best. I had two amazing weeks in one of the best MTB Park in the world so I can’t complain. We were riding everyday. I caught up with my friend Caroline Buchanan and her boyfriend. I celebrated my birthday with my boyfriend.
I don’t know how many times we rode the Freight train- Dirt Merchant- A-LINE track (my favourite tracks) The over 100 jumps are perfectly shaped and you can jump so high and far without even realizing it. My big goal for this trip was to learn a whip and I have to be honest I have to keep learning, but I am getting there. I wished we would have something similar in Europe or even better near my hometown.

No I am back in Austria and very busy already. The time when an athlete can just ride and train is a thing of the past. Sometimes I miss the times without social media and smart phones.
On the one side it is good to have Facebook/ Instagram /youtube/ vimeo /twitter etc. it helps to represent yourself better and you can be creative and show that you have also other skills then racing fast and you can show who you are. But on the other side it means you have to swap your bike with your MAC too often. So the last days I sit in front of my MAC, designing, emailing and planning everything for the presentation for the movie project Voodoo Ride on different social media partners and the eurobike.

Thanks to my sponsors and Aumayer Druck Verlag who made this trip possible