Schladming Race Report IXS European Cup

There are always two perspectives in life and also in riding. The one how you see yourself and the one how someone else sees you.
This weekend I raced the IXS European Cup in Schladming. It was like a World cup, all the other pro riders were there, because Schladming is one of the best DH tracks in Europe and everyone loves it. The track was in an excellent shape and it was perfect weather.
For the first time I had my Alutech Sennes in race action and it has been a long time that I raced DH, I think nearly one year. And it was only the fifth day that I rode my downhill bike this year including this race weekend. So I couldn’t expect much from myself but to see that so many other riders, who were always slower than you are now much faster, was not so easy to accept.
My training went good. I couldn’t stop smiling I enjoyed it a lot but I had to stay focused and realistic what I am able to do and not risking and wanting too much from myself. To have my friends, Birgit and Cri with me, helped me a lot to realize what I am doing is great and you have to be passionate, brave, crazy, consequent to do this sport and to be proud of every challenge you cope with.
I have been DH riding since 15 years and I still love it even if some jumps or sections drive me crazy. I think this sport gives me so much energy and power to reach big things in normal life and even that I had a puncture in the second turn durring the race and so had a “ DID NOT FINISH result ” , I still smile and
am looking forward to my next chance.

Next stop is Val di Sole (Italy). But this time back on my 4x Bike for the 4x Pro Tour Gold Event.

Bye bye Lene