Fort William conclusio

That’s a picture from a little girl who made this pic in the gondola in Fort william and sent it to me.. Thank you.

Yes That’s where I was…

We are back home now- landed yesterday about 11pm in Vienna. Thanks to BMX king who picked us up (Us= Martins and me) I really liked the track long and exhausting but I really like it. I felt strong and fit but I was still very nervous. At the moment I don’t know what’s going on in my head- I guess I am thinking to much about my results, placement so that I can’t ride like in my training runs. I am not satisfied with my 18th place again but hmm I can’t change it now I will keep on working on my lack on confidence. I don’t wanna belittle my achievement but I can do much better.

Diana and Iimg_9412.JPG
Martins and I


Me ..walking down the track

But appart from racing I had a wicked time with Diana Maggraff from Ecuador and Martins from Latvia. We had a wonderful appartement, a big rental car


, great weather, a trampolin in the garden and more… Diana and I enjoyed the India food  and then we all three missed the party. Diana and I because we both felt a sleep on the couch with our huge bellies.See…

Diana went back to Barcelona and Martins and I flew to Vienna to stay at my place for this week.
Today Martins and I went with my friends to the BMX track and I did some gates. Training for the worlds…YEAHHHHH. I have a start place for the World Champs in Downhill and 4 Cross so I am very stoked about that. My second World champs… My last ones were 2004 where I managed to hurt myself so bad… other story.

Markus and I