Vallnord UCI World cup number 2

I made it in the finals. So about that fact I was very happy and all the pressure was away when I crossed the finish line as 13th. At the end I was 18th but still top 20.

I was told the day before I have to be top 20 to get a start place for the Worlds in Downhill too so I wanted to do well. In my final run I had a good start but I slipt away in the second forest section and slided down… I don’t know how much seconds I lost but enough to be not very satisfied with my final placement. (19th)

Now we on the way to Fort Williams to have another good weekend. Because apart from my race result I can be satisfied about my qualification and I had a good time with my friend Diana M. and a new one from Latvia.  And I wish Sascha V. all the best and a quick recovery… (He broke his nose in 4x training)