Golden decoration merit of the Austrian Republic // TV broadcast

I don’t know if other countries have this too but in Austria, you get a special reward when you get a World Champs medal. And so I got invited to be honoured in the first district of Vienna. And the Austria sports minister gave it to me in person. The Austrian TV was also there and I got interviewed, which was broadcasted the next evening in the prime time.
The next day I also got invited to the „day of sports“ event in Vienna and I got another award. My name was also written on the big Wall of fame.
I was so proud of myself and it felt so good to get the respect and reward for your achievements. Of course, I do it for myself in the first place but it just feels just good to stand there and get a fancy golden medal.
Thanks, Republic Austria for this honour. 
These are my beauties. I am so proud of myself to achieve this.