NIVA! No DIVA 2018 // „My personal highlight of the year“

„My personal highlight of the year“

It is a lot of work and it is a lot of responsibility aaaaaand it is a lot of fun.
I absolutely love my racing and ride camp.

I had again some amazing personalities. Very strong women and personalities.

Like every year, the NIVA! No DIVA weekend is based on the racing and riding group. I have the „RACE“ group from Friday to Sunday and my guest coach the „RIDE“ group on Saturday.

This year I, unfortunately, all started with a big tragedy. My other coach GLORIA had a serious work injury one week before the camp. She must have had few guardian angels with her because she nearly died. (head injury). She is getting better her mother told me but it is a long way back and I wish her all the best.
So I had to find quickly another coach for the Saturday group, which I did Manuela Walder.



My race group was very special and strong.

This year I had a very interesting mix of women/ girls.Freda /34/ Flightatendent: A good friend of mine, who always wanted to take part in my race camp since the first day. But always something cropped up like an injury one day before the camp started or her children or the job but this time she made it. But this year she made it and she was amazing. After every training run, she got better and better and the final run she said was the best of all. So delivered on point and improved by 4 seconds with a time of 4:55

Sarah / 28 / architect: A women who live just in the other valley (Leogang), rides very well but wanted to know for herself if she is fast or not compare to others. One good reason to race. I had the feeling she was a bit nervous, her family and friends came to watch and in her seeding run, she crashed hard. But she kept on riding took one painkiller and fought it out. She raced very well in her final run and found herself in the very good 12th position. She was very happy and it was officially proved that she is fast with a time of 4:43

Kathrin/ 32 / IT- specialist:  Kathrin is a typical sportswoman you could tell. Her mindset was so focused and strong even if her body was not. She competed in the past on skis so she knows how racing works.
I mean who would come up with the idea to take part in a race camp without any time on the bike for 3 years (baby break), someone with a lot of confidence I would say. During practice, she was on the limit (also her bike). But at the end, she scrapped some energy from somewhere and just missed the podium by one place with a time of 4:45.

Mira / 12 / Student :
About three weeks ago Mira’s mum called me and asked me if I take also 12-year-old ones and said that she rides very well. I just said: „yes of course“ and was super excited to show I girl so young the world of racing. When I hung up the phone I was thinking:“ How tall is a 12th-year-old one. What can she already do? Did I say too quick yes? Will she fit in the group? Does every mum say about the child that she is extraordinary good? “ I had no idea to what exactly I said yes.

But in the end, it was all good and this young lady was extraordinarily talented, exactly how her mother said.
She had the fastest seeding run time and with this time (4:34) she would have also won on Sunday. I am saying would because she got a puncture and a chainsack just before the finish line. But instead of giving up she dragged her bike down the last slope. But this is not the last time we will hear from her.

My race run worked out well for me and I found myself on the top spot at the IXS Rookies cup race in Saalbach Hinterglemm with a time 3:59. 
Fredas Final Run was her best of the weekend. I just say right on point.
Manus Ride group on Saturday  
This year the Niva! No Dive ride camp was again booked out and again the weather was perfect. Saalbach Hinterglemm is such a beautiful place and because the Glemmride festival was running the city was packed full of riders, brands, spectators and more.
The riding group started early and went to the top of the Z- Line, where Manu showed the girls the basics of Mountainbiking. It is crazy who quick you can improve just when someone tells you from the outside what you should change or do. So yes the girls improved a lot and by the end of the day, the elbows pointed to the side, the knees didn’t touch the top tube anymore at the same time, the break lever got touched by one finger not two and many more things…
Manu the riding coach in her element at the Hacklberg trail
Elbow out and eyes straight ahead. 
I want to say a big thanks to David Keusch the filmer, Christian Fessl the photographer and Saalbach Tourism for the hotel and of course to my sponsors, who support me. 

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