Hanging around in RIVA

hanging around with my buddy, Teibun

It is quite a while since I have been racing a bike and I am happy that I am able to. I don’t know if all of you know it but I had a serious brain surgery in January. I had a kind of tumour found incidental and then taken out. It was a hard time for me and my focus was on getting threw this with no disability. All went fine and I am very relieved now.
Just to complete my happenings the last months. I changed the Frame Sponsor and I am now a member of the TRAIL FORCE Alutechcycles team. I ride also new for TSG,Carbocage and Giro SPD shoes (Protection and Chain guide). All my other sponsors stayed the same. Big thanks to Iriedaily, Michelin, Acros, R.S.P., DIRTY, Answer, Hayes, Manitou, Sun Ringle, Go Pro, Spy Optics and Ciclopia for supporting me again this and thanks to Moro for great last years.
Last weekend I packed up my new Alutech Teibun Enduro bike with the new Mattoc fork from Manitou and drove down to Riva del Garda to the BIKE Festival. I wanted to see my sponsors and friends. I also took part at the Specialized Enduro Series round 2. It was my first Enduro race ever and it was good. It was something totally different for me and took it easy because I had no idea how this format works. For those, who don’t know either? The rider has to ride a round course with different stages. In Riva there were 5 Stages. And just the downhill stages are timed and the uphill’s not.
I rode with Tanja Hendrysiak, my Hayes Group Team mate, and in my eyes we did a good job. It was raining the whole day, was challenging and hard but a good experience for me. Big respect to the other enduro pros. I had good solid stage runs, no big mistakes and no crashes. I am satisfied with my 12th place in the Pro women class for my first Enduro race ever.

My next stop is right now in Portugal for a movie project with Tanja. You can be excited – I am definitely.

See you Lene
Stage number 5
Alutech Trail Force Spy sunglasses
I am in the new Hayes Group catalog
Happy to be here in Riva
just ask me if have the answer
Tanja and I are glad we made it
My second half who helped us girls a lot this weekend
we were finished before it even started
our camping place friend
City Prolog in Riva