how was it?

Leogang went well for me. I was satisfied. I stayed always close to the second rider and I nearly passed Sasha Huntingon at the finish line but just „nearly“ and nearly is not passed. In the last turn i went outside to get some speed but the deep mud eat my front wheel and I couldn’t built up enough speed to passe her. So I ended up on the 11 position. But for my regret this race was one of my qualification races for the World champs in Canada. My last chance is in Val di Sole in two weeks, where i have to be at least top 6 I guess. I will see what i can do.
After my 4x performance in Leogang at the World cup, I swapped my bike and I raced the European IXS Cup in Leogang. I liked the track and the weather was perfect. Just sunshine and dry underground. I enjoyed it a lot. Many good girls were riding and so the starte field was hot. Tracy mosley von Great Britian won. I came 10th. I was not to satisfied with my place but satisfied with my race run.
After this race I went back home and decided to take a break. My right hip hurt me still a lot when i walked. The doctor told me to take a break from at least 3 weeks so my hip has time to heal a little bit.
Now I am back in Austria and back on my bike. I trained gates today and I felt good. Walking still causes me pain and my walking style has changed but my biking style is the same :-). I won’t go to Champery (SUI) this weekend. It’s to early for me and on this track you should be more than 100% fit. I will be in Val di Sole (Italy) next week to compete in 4X there.
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