three weeks

My last 3 weeks were very packed with action and tears. I raced in Koppl in Salzburg three weeks ago and I had a
very bad crash. I felt so good on the my hardtail bike and played with the course, at the end to much. I wanted
to get prepared for Fort Williams as best as a I can for the following weekend. So my goal was to profit as much as I
can from this race before. I double a jump and my front wheel didn’t go over the landing lip so I went over the bars.
It was so high that i land first on my hands and after straight on my back. I couldn’t feel my right leg for about a
minute. Very shocking feeling. But the feelings came back and my pelvis and my right knee hurt even more. I couldn’t get
up and the doctors there ordered an helicopter, because they weren’t sure if my back has fractures.
My back was total scrashed and blue and hurt me too a lot.
So I did my first heli flight to the UKH in Salzburg. There my knee got x rayed and I made a Computer Tomography.
For this I got a contrast liquidity injected and that was such a crazy feeling. They told my that I will feel warm
but I felt so hot, like I was burning from the inside. It was not painful but just not a good feeling. After I the doctor
told me the results and I said that my knee is allright, but I broke a little piece out of my pelvis and that I have
to rest for at least 4 weeks. I started so to cry because (maybe it sounds crazy for you) I counted the weeks in my head
and which races I can’t compete and that would be a lot. The doctor didn’t understand my reaction, how could he?
I think just athlets understand why I counted and cried like this.
I had to stay in the hospital over the night and got one injected after the other to reduce my pain. Actually I was more
afraid of the injections than the pain I would have had without them. The next day I felt so much better and I could
leave. Some friends drove me home in my car and I stayed about one week in bed and didn’t move much. I had crutches and
my flat isn’t that big so I was fine. In the week I started to „go“ in the gym and trained the rest of my body and rode
carefully the hometrainer there. Riding felt so much better than walking. When I walked i superextended my hip joint and
then i hurt a lot. when I pedalled I was fine.
In the third week I start to ride my hardtail bike again and tried on the bmx track vösendorf if it hurts a lot or not.
And it didn’t hurt at all. I was happy about that.
I made a second eximination and MR (Magnet resonanz) and for my surprise my doctor told me that I don’t have any broken
bones I „just“ have had a shrinking of my cartilages in both of my hips joints since I am born and because of this big
crashed it started to hurt me so much. He told me I can race again if I feel okay and that he wants to see me next week
to talk about the future therapy.
So I decided to race in Leogang (AUS) the world cup. I already missed the last one one week before in Fort Williams.
I just race 4x this time I though maybe both is too much. But I am here now and regretting it a lot that I don’t race both
It so hard for me to step on step back and don’t do to much for the beginning. I love it a lot. I love DH and 4x the same
so I don’t know what I should do. Focusing on one is definetly better but I don’t know on which one. Now i have
to accept it and race just 4x. Ah yes the 4x track- I don’t like it. For girls it isn’t a nice track to ride. The takeoff
lips are round and the first jump is scary, for me it is. I will see how the trainings goes today.

Full report bye LENE